Weddings in times of Corona – order online

In times like these you only really become aware of what you are missing when it is no longer there. Society, social contacts, get-togethers, partying, dancing, hugs and so much more.

We can no longer wait to get creative for you again – regardless of whether it is the bridal bouquet, the head wreath, the altar decoration or the design of the wedding table.

Weddings in times of Corona order online - Weddings in times of Corona - order online

And finally we can celebrate again, even if only on a small scale! We look forward to the bright eyes of our bridal couples and unique flower designs.

Creative designs despite corona measures

We have thought of some creative designs, how you can design your wedding perfectly in accordance with the legally prescribed measures to create a beautiful ambience:

  • a distance measurement with the help of flower balls which can be placed on the paths or in the corridor to the wedding table.
  • Distance measurement on the handrail with different flowers
  • Design of easels with information signs regarding the measures
  • Hand disinfection stand decorated with flowers
  • Adornment of FFP2 masks with flowers
  • Room dividers made of leaves, plants and grass and fresh flowers

Do you like one of our ideas?

Should you have to postpone your wedding (again) or when it comes to a change of location, we are flexible.
You will receive a tailor-made offer with all your wishes. We plan the set-up and dismantling times and are happy to talk to other suppliers / locations so that you can take care of other things.

Did you want to get married in May and have you already selected certain flowers? Don’t worry if you had to postpone your wedding until August. We find a wonderful, suitable alternative for every flower!

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Of course, we do not charge a cancellation fee for postponed marriages due to government orders.

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We are sure that all planned weddings will take place over the summer of 2021 and we can hardly wait to inspire everyone with flowers.

We look forward to many wonderful weddings!

You can find the wedding trend 2021 here.

So you have something from your bouquets for longer: Flowers drying made easy.

Click here to find out how you can keep the flowers of your past bouquets and potted plants as dried decorations.

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