What are the duties of a groomsman? All information at a glance!

Maybe you’ve known each other all your life and you want to give your best as a best man so that your friends can celebrate the wedding of their dreams? We have weddings with Stefan Hay, the founder of Herzbandespoken, how you can accompany the bridal couple on their way to the absolute dream wedding!

Of the Wedding expert from Herzbande knows the Bridal couple-groomsmen relationship exactly and has for you put together a lot of great organization pointswhere you can give your friends a helping hand!

First things first: Let yourself be carried away by the smaller or larger tasks don’t put pressure on! Your friends certainly don’t expect you to be involved in all tasks in addition to your job and obligations. Understand the Overview therefore rather than inspiration and discuss with the bride and groom where you can support them the most.

Many groomsmen are at the forefront of organizing the JGA, including setting up the famous WhatsApp groups. Many people enjoy this task the most, others are not enthusiastic event planners. Maybe you like yourself for the planning the bachelorette party, add another lead person and start at the base together: Action? Relaxation? Nature? What would the bride/groom like?

to saveWhat are the duties of a groomsman All information at - What are the duties of a groomsman?  All information at a glance!

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3. What are the duties of the groomsmen on the wedding day?

  • Dress the bride/groom

As a best man, you can also be at the side of the bride and groom on all emotional highlights on the day of the wedding – and that includes, on Tomorrow at Getting Ready to share the anticipation with the bride.

In the civil marriage follows the actual task of the witnesses, namely the wedding with yours seal signature. Remember yours Identity card to the registry office bring it with you, because the registrar needs it for the formalities. Would the bridal couple at the registry office exchange rings, usually hands it over to the best man. The following applies to both civil and free weddings: the bridal couple may decide to do so Play music via a smartphone/speaker. You can offer them to take on this task, so that the bride can enjoy a wonderful entrance even without a live musician at the free wedding ceremony. Discuss with them beforehand what technology is available in the registry office/wedding location and how it works (CD player, Bluetooth boxes, loudspeakers with USB connection, etc.).

  • coordnation on the wedding day

Another typical groomsman task is the Coordination of the wedding day, so that the bridal couple can enjoy the day to the fullest. These include, for example Agreements with service providers, the location, final touches on the decoration and the time management. You keep an eye on whether everything is going according to plan and – if necessary – also make smaller decisions.

The bride (and perhaps her guests) will thank the groomsmen if they sign up at the apron for a small emergency kit To take care of. You can use it to store things like deodorant, painkillers, handkerchiefs, a sewing kit, tampons, ballerinas, glucose, blister plasters and other small items that might become real “lifesavers” over the course of the day.

Admittedly, fun games in the evening are not for everyone. If you share them with one or the other If you want to surprise yourself with a program point, you should at least feel something out with the bridal couple in advancewhat things they would be open to and what less. But most of the time you know your friends and their tastes well anyway and can estimate quite well what you hit the mark with! A nice alternative for “playful” surprises are little attentions. For example, the bridal couple is happy about pretty wedding wallwhich you hand out to the guests for the wedding ceremony.

4. The speech of the witnesses

While some are happy to make fun of the bride or groom during the best man speech and to reminisce a bit, others do not feel particularly comfortable with the preparation and delivery of a speech. Hence our tip: Just get together, maybe there are one or two other people in your circle of friends with whom you can say a few words together. In a small group you will find it much easier to speak in front of others. Collect anecdotes togetherwho connect you with the bridal couple and look, that everyone “only” says as much as he or she is comfortable with. The same applies to one, by the way very special kind of “best man speech”: the free wedding ceremony by friends! In this unique type of wedding ceremony, you slip into the role of best friend in the role of the wedding speaker and marry the bridal couple as part of a jointly designed free wedding ceremony. What a connecting experience for the bridal couple, you and the guests!

5. What are the duties of the groomsmen after the wedding?

  • Soul comforter & companion

After the wedding, Married life with all its ups and downs begins for the bridal couple. As a best man, you will always play a special role at her side – as a helping hand, a consolation donor or maybe soon as a godfather!

one thing is certain: You are lucky to have friends who will make you their best man! The question “Will you be my maid of honor or my best man?” carries so much meaning and stands symbolically for everything that connects you with each other. But also keep in mind: your friends would never ask you to bend over backwards for them or to take on tasks that you are uncomfortable with. So bet on one right from the start honest communication and so you can really enjoy it, Best man to be!

6. Decision-making aid for the bridal couple: Who to choose as groomsmen?

Do I choose my brother, my best friend or my favorite cousin? You don’t want to disappoint anyone, so you communicate openly with anyone who might have hope in order to prevent disappointment. Take your time thinking about who you want to give this big role to. Ask yourself these questions and then commit to one person:

  • Can I trust her/him blindly?
  • How well does she/he know me and my stressors?
  • How well does she/he deal with the stress of preparation?
  • How (good) is our relationship in all situations in life?
  • Will she/he help me organize the wedding?
  • Does she/he have time to assist me at the wedding?
  • Does she/he get along well with my future spouse and family?
  • Is she/he at least 18 years old and has a valid identity card?

Can you answer these questions for one person answer positively, you’ve found the right person and you shouldn’t have to worry anymore! who as Best man is selected can rightly be proud of this honour.

Be sure to recommend our free checklist for wedding planning to the future bridal couple and even have it ready yourself to support the lucky ones!

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