What are the most popular wedding customs in Germany?

What are the most popular wedding customs in Germany - What are the most popular wedding customs in Germany?Credits: Svenja Scheumann

The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of two lovers. Traditions and Customs not only symbolize that Togetherness of the couplebut also the protection that the community offers the connection. Wedding customs are therefore still used today at most weddings. the freelance speaker Svenja Scheumann from Nuremberg tells us the most popular customs.

  1. What’s up with the flower girls?
  2. Why do you stand in a trellis?
  3. Where does the “throwing rice” come from?
  4. Soap bubbles, confetti, wedding walls and Co. – what is the meaning?
  5. Football, fire hose and Co.
  6. Bread and salt – what do they stand for?
  7. Hen party and hen party

1. Flower girl

Flower girls are by far the sweetest companions of the bride when she walks to the altar and thus to her future husband. But they are also the ones who the bride and groom when they move out after the ceremony accompany. They sprinkle them with flower blossoms, which are supposed to facilitate the couple’s first steps as a married couple. They should level her soft beds and her marital happiness right from the start.

2. Stand in line

That Standing in a trellis has a long-standing tradition. There are many ways to embellish or even round off the trellis. There are some customs that have prevailed over the years, but also some that have been added.

The trellis will after the ceremony by the wedding party educated and should symbolize the closeness to the bride and groom. With this gesture, the wedding guests show their bond with the bride and groom. A gesture that should pave the couple the start of their marital happiness. Friends and family want it their joy, their help and their friendship to express the two.

3. Throw rice

That Throw rice is actually an Asian custom that we have adopted because it has beautiful symbolism. Of the Rice stands for fertility and prosperity. He should give the couple a future with many children and give them a good standard of living.

All these beautiful little helpers are also magical ways to receive the bride and groom properly. That’s how they stand Soap bubbles for fun. The bride and groom should never do without it in their marriage and should always look forward to the joyful hours. That Confetti stands for variety. The married couple should never get bored in their marriage. You should always reinvent yourself and not lose sight of each other. the Wedding walls are supposed to drive away evil spirits and give the couple a good start in their married life.

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Credits: Svenja Scheumann

5. Football, fire hose and Co.

All these Helpers symbolize an association in which the bridal couple is a member or their place of work. Such objects are usually not held up by the wedding party itself, but by the people who belong to the association or the like. With this gesture do the bride and groom a very special honor. However, this is not to be equated with the above-mentioned trellis options.

6. Bread and salt

This is a wedding custom that is more common in Eastern countries or in our country in rural regions finds. After the ceremony, usually shortly before moving into the wedding location, the bride and groom will Passed bread and salt. In the eastern countries this is done by the family of the wedding couple. Here with us, in the rural regions, the landlord often does this himself.

That Loaf of bread means that the bride and groom should not want for anything. Neither in material values ​​nor in love and contentment. That Salt, on the other hand, is intended to remind the bride and groom that there will be difficult times in their marriage. Difficult times that they can only overcome together. It should be yours Strengthen cohesion again.

The bride and groom can now either Bite off the bread together and taste the salt together or the bride and groom each tear off a piece of the loaf of bread. There is another custom that says that whoever has the largest piece of bread in his hand will wear his pants in marriage.

7. Hen party and bachelorette party

What is considered a grandiose prelude to the wedding today has its own Origin in pre-Christian times, as Ghosts still driven away with noise and riot should be. The core of this human protective behavior, arose in the assertion against predators, can still be found in today’s New Year’s fireworks and in barrel night customs. The fact that old crockery is smashed (no glass!) At the bachelorette party underscores the value of the new household.

Of the Bachelorette party celebrates once again the pranks of youth, which are now being exchanged for a responsible position in the community.

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Credits: Genessa Panainte

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