Which flowers to send for a birthday?

/ Advertising / Giving flowers is fun, but what if you can’t give them to the birthday child in person? Which flowers can you send for a birthday and what are you most happy about?

In this blog post you will find out which flowers are particularly suitable for sending, which bouquets are currently in and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

- Which flowers to send for a birthday?

Popular classic: a bouquet of flowers for a birthday

“Friendship and love give flowers.” said Franz Grillparzer. How right he is!

It has firmly established itself, the birthday bouquet. It’s no surprise then, wonderfully colorful and freshly scented flowers put a smile on everyone’s face.

Flowers have always been considered the right gift for special occasions. Their value is less material, it is about the message they bring.

Red rose stand for? Right, love. But there are a lot of other meanings …

Flowers and their meaning

The one with the red roses was easy, but what is the best birthday present?

Here is a brief overview of flowers and their meaning so that you can do everything right when sending a bouquet.

White flowers: Purity, untouched. Is often used for weddings or christenings.

White roses: Farewell to someone special

Chrysanthemums & Daffodils: Happiness, ease and playfulness

Carnations: Gratitude, appreciation

Gerberas: Friendship

forget Me Not: Loyalty

Tulip: Affection, attachment

Sunflower: Joy

Calla: Eternal life

anemone: Expectation and hope

Which flowers to send for a birthday - Which flowers to send for a birthday?
Anemones stand for expectation and hope, gypsophila for devotion and love

The bouquet is changing – from classically bound to wild meadow

Tied tightly together and spherically, this is what a ‘neat’ bouquet of flowers looked like for a long time. A symmetrical paper cuff was often arranged around the classic arrangement, which took up the color of the flowers.

These bouquets are certainly still around, but if you want to send modern flowers for your birthday, you better opt for a trendy meadow bouquet.

As if you had just walked across a lush flower meadow and had the most beautiful flowers loosely gathered, these bouquets look like. They look like a random and wild, but still perfect arrangement.

Meadow bouquets particularly like to pick up on the current boho trend and are often combined with dried flowers and grasses.

They look very relaxed when they are held together with a coarse linen band that hangs loosely. You won’t find a paper cuff here!

1639583781 233 Which flowers to send for a birthday - Which flowers to send for a birthday?

Sayings to send flowers for a birthday

A bouquet rarely comes alone; it is usually supplemented with a birthday greeting card. But what do you write in there? The sayings that we have compiled for you here range from funny to profound:

  • Flowers are nature’s most beautiful words. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • A garden without flowers is like a life without love.
  • A flower doesn’t think about whether it can keep up with the others. It just blooms.
  • There are flowers everywhere for whoever wants to see them. (Henry Matisse)
  • Flowers are the smile of the earth.
  • Flowers need sunshine and I need you to be happy.
  • Wild flowers and good friends keep coming back.
  • Flowers grow slower than weeds.

Which flowers keep fresh for a long time?

There are big differences in the shelf life of cut flowers. The good thing: If you want to send flowers for a birthday, the provider makes sure that the right selection is made so that the bouquet arrives fresh.

Carnations, chrysanthemums and alstromeries in particular last a particularly long time in the vase. But also Craspedia and Lisianthus are true permanent bloomers.

Hydrangeas not only provide a lot of volume, but also stay fresh for a long time, just like the exotic Protea.

Evergreens are eucalyptus, thistles, gypsophila and myrrh. They bring green momentum to the bouquet and last a very long time. Most of them are even suitable for drying!

Should the time come for one or the other flower, simply remove them one by one from the bouquet or carefully pluck the withered petals off. This works really well with roses and extends the life of the bouquet enormously.

Extra tip:

In any case, put the ‘fresh flowers’ package, which is usually given with the bouquet, into the flower water and cut the stems lengthways.

If you take these tips into account, the recipient and you will have a lot of fun with flowers for a long time!

1639583781 63 Which flowers to send for a birthday - Which flowers to send for a birthday?

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