Which type of wedding suits you? Take our test and find out!

the free wedding speaker Melanie Ring from RingTausch supports you with this article in the decision whether you “only” civil want to get married, or afterwards – in addition to the possibility of a church wedding – maybe not too a free wedding could be an issue for you? At the end of the article you will find a small one testwhich might make your decision a little easier!

  • 1. What are the wedding options?

Are you considering “only” a civil wedding here? Before you make your decision, you should ask yourself a few questions. Because there is still other ways to say yes admit. the civil marriage is a must in Germany if you have one legally recognized marriage want to lead. Additionally you can of course ecclesiastical let dare.

What many couples don’t know there is another form: The Free Wedding. Just like the church wedding, this form has a symbolic character. The big difference is that a free wedding can also take place if you are not legally married to each other – but not a church wedding (you must have been married in a civil registry beforehand). Another difference: Your love is the focus of a wedding ceremonyat a church wedding your relationship with God. Of course, there are many other reasons why one decides for or against a church wedding. In this article, however, we will mainly take a closer look at the two types of marriage, “civil marriage” and “free marriage”.

If you want to know more about the difference between church and free weddings, then please take a look at our article on this!

to saveWhich type of wedding suits you Take our test and - Which type of wedding suits you?  Take our test and find out!

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  • 2. Which questions help you in the decision-making process?

    • For what reason do you want to get married?
    • Is the The act of saying yes is an important element for you?
    • Would you like if possible all guests saying yes have along?
    • If the ecclesiastical variant is ruled out, because one of you was already married, because you are of the same sex, or because one of you is of a different faith or of no faith?
    • What does your family or those around you expect? Do you shy away from the conflict and therefore “only” marry in a civil ceremony?
    • Do you “only” prefer the civil wedding because you like the costs for a church or free wedding high to appear? After all, both types of marriage are only symbolic. Is the money too good for you just for a “short appearance” and show?
    • Are you really both of opinion, that the registry office is enough? Or does one of you deviate from the idea he actually had since childhood?

It is important that you both You feel comfortable with the chosen form of marriage and you later yours decision not regretted. As I said, a civil wedding, an additional church or free wedding, everything is wonderful when that bride and groom agree. Years later I still hear from the couples where this is not the case: “We had at that time”only” married civilly.” “I I don’t remember at all our yes word, because ours wedding was very impersonal.” “We have married in a church at the time, because that was the traditionnot because we had any connection with the Church.” etc.

Melanie’s expert tip: Since you actually intend to marry only once in your life, it’s a pity if such statements accompany you for the rest of your life. So think carefully about how you marry. Remember that we can have many parties in life. One wedding party however, is for many people a one-time affair. Many factors play a role, of course. And usually the money factor is a big argument. But a beautiful wedding that stays in your heart forever doesn’t have to be expensive. Free yourself from weddings like you know them from Instagram. A wedding does not have to be perfect and expensive, but honest and real.

So: what is important to you? When The feeling of saying yes should accompany you for a lifetime, the yes word is your focus. If you want to have a celebration that will be unforgettable, your focus is on your celebration. Maybe both are important to you, then link them together. The possibilities are great here.

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  • 3. The test: Which wedding suits you?

Read through the questions and think about which questions you would answer YES and which NO. The evaluation of the test can be found below! Have fun ?

  1. The wedding ceremony is very important for us!

  2. We would like to have as many guests as possible with us when saying yes.

  3. Tears of joy would be nice.

  4. Christian elements are very important to us.

  5. Our love should be the focus of the wedding ceremony.

  6. We are already looking forward to getting married and moving out together with the wedding guests.

  7. We dream of a very personal wedding.

to save1645126429 226 Which type of wedding suits you Take our test and - Which type of wedding suits you?  Take our test and find out!

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The evaluation of the test:

Do you have all questions with “NO” or. at least questions no. 1,2,4 and 7 with NO answered? Then the recommendation is: Only get married in a civil ceremony!

The act of saying yes is not so important to you. You finally want to officially go through life as legally married couples. Just do it – the registry office is already waiting for you. More tips for a successful civil wedding is here.

Do you have the questions? No. 1,2,4 and 6 with YES answered? Then the recommendation is: Get married in church!

In addition to the registry office, you should plan a church wedding, because this form suits you perfectly. Our tip: If your wedding does not necessarily have to take place in a church, speak to your parish office and ask alternative wedding locations.

Or: If you the place church is not so important then maybe one will come Is a free wedding with Christian elements an option for you?

Do you have all questions with YES or at least No. 1,3,5 and 7 with YES answered? Then the recommendation is: Decide on the free wedding ceremony!

In addition to the registry office, you should plan a free wedding, because this type of wedding suits you perfectly. At a Your love is the focus of your free wedding ceremony. It is personal, individual and unique – like your love. Here you will find more information about the free wedding ceremony!

  • All remaining combinations

The general recommendation: you seem to be quite undecided. do you want one pure civil marriage or also a church or free wedding? Go inside yourself and ask yourself what is really important to you. It is important that you can say at the end:”We did everything right at our wedding and would celebrate it the same way again.” ?

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