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The doorbell rings, the parcel carrier is at the door and you can already see from the print on the box that the flowers are from Bloomy Days. The joy is of course great. Now quickly into the water with the flowers! But this is exactly where you become unsure – because you don’t know whether this arrangement will even fit into your vase….

No fear! Just as there is a lid for every pot, there is a suitable vase for every arrangement – and if not, you can simply shorten the flower stems.

In this blog post we want to use our arrangement to “Best regards“Show that you don’t have countless different vases at home, you just have to brave the scissors to put your arrangement in the limelight.

The tall vase

If your flowers are delivered by Bloomy Days, the flower stems are usually relatively long. Before shipping, we only trim the flowers to keep them fresh, but rarely take anything off the length. The flowers therefore fit perfectly in a high vase between 30 and 40 cm. If you are unsure whether the flowers are a little too long for your vase, you can simply hold the arrangement next to it in one hand or try it out. You will quickly see if you still need to shorten something. But even if the length is already right, you should definitely cut the ends of the flower stems freshly before you arrange them.

Which vase for an arrangement Bloomy Blog - Which vase for an arrangement?  -
Arrangement in a tall vase
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Arrangement in a bulbous vase

The bulbous vase – cut flowers

Do you have a smaller vase at home? No problem either! Grab a sharp knife or flower scissors and muster up all your courage. The first cut is the hardest. Here, too, you should try the arrangement beforehand in order to be able to estimate how much you have to cut off. If in doubt, leave a few more centimeters and shorten individual stems again at the end! Here, too, we placed the flowers one after the other in the vase and arranged them nicely.

Lots of small vases – split arrangement

Sometimes the problem is not the height of the vase, but the opening of the vase. If the arrangement is more voluminous than your vase, you can simply divide it up into several smaller vases. If you don’t have a large selection of vases, you can also choose drinking or jam jars instead. Now the only decision left is whether to sort the flowers by type or whether to mix them in the vase. We think both are great! By the way, dividing it into small vases is also a great option if the first flowers start to wither but others are still perfectly fine.

1632552257 208 Which vase for an arrangement Bloomy Blog - Which vase for an arrangement?  -
Arrangement in many small vases

So there is always a clever solution if you don’t have the perfect vase in your house at first glance. Have fun trying!

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