Why you shouldn’t negotiate with wedding service providers

You have definitely heard or read the saying: “As soon as the word wedding is on it, it is immediately a lot more expensive”. These words are also often mentioned in connection with a discount or other absolutely necessary perks. But we will tell you why you shouldn’t negotiate with wedding service providers in the first place.

When planning a wedding, there are many things to discuss, such as the budget or which service providers should be booked for your own wedding. In our post with 10 tips to set the budget for the wedding, we already told you that it is very important to set your own priorities. Your own priorities then tell you what you should spend the largest part of your budget on and where you can make compromises.


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Late summer wedding in warm autumn tones - Why you shouldn't negotiate with wedding service providers

Service provider for every budget

We would like to inform you in advance that you as the future bride and groom can of course ask any service provider for a discount, a little extra or some other perk. If you negotiate with a service provider, you may be able to get a little more bang for your buck. However, we would like to ask you not to lower the cost of their services.

There are many different service providers on the market in each area who can support you with your wedding. You can find a suitable service provider for every budget, every style and with every experience. Sometimes it just takes a while to discover it.

For example, if you as the bridal couple want an invitation card made of acrylic or an invitation with handmade paper, torn edges and gold foil, then this has a certain price. If someone creates this for your wedding, then he is there with a lot of love and devotion. If you want exclusivity, you shouldn’t expect this at a low price. It is often the small businesses that create wonderful and incredibly great things for weddings. Every order helps keep the business going, feed the family, and give each and every customer the attention they deserve. Keep this in mind before you start negotiating with the respective service provider.

There is a suitable service provider for every budget. If we stick with the example of stationery and your budget plan does not have high priority for stationery, then try to find the best price / performance ratio. If you discover the banners on our website, you will discover various larger printing houses that offer very nice stationery. Not made of acrylic or hand-made paper, but still lots of really nice designs at a fair price. Sometimes you don’t even have to do without a refinement. With a little luck, there will also be a discount code or voucher that you can use for your order.

Service providers support you at the wedding

Whether graphic designer, photographer, DJ or another of the most important service providers at a wedding will help you to make your special day unforgettable. Gives everyone a certain appreciation. This starts with the first contact. Feel free to make an effort when contacting a service provider. Feel free to use our sample text to correctly write to service providers for the wedding. We write this for a reason, because we keep hearing what incredibly impersonal and sometimes cheeky messages end up in your inbox.

We would like to try to clarify the topic of appreciation with a comparison. Imagine you’re reading something in a magazine about a restaurant that everyone raves about. The chef conjures up the most delicious specialties and may even have won prizes for them. Would you call the restaurant there and ask in advance whether there is a discount or a free dessert? When you have found a wedding service provider who can help you make your dream wedding come true, then you should be ready to pay for the expertise, time and value accordingly.

Address the budget openly

You can of course also address your dream service providers with a fixed or limited budget. Surely everyone likes to hear that the work is admired and that they would like to be booked for the wedding immediately. Openly present your budget and discuss what would be possible for the amount. Even if your dream service provider may not necessarily be an option, they may still have one or two tips for you about where the budget fits.

Stay in balance

At the beginning of this post we told you about our 10 tips for setting the budget for the wedding. We told you to prioritize your budget.

If you’ve always dreamed of lush flower arrangements with the most beautiful flowers in the world, then of course you should get them for the wedding. If the florist for your dream may exceed the planned amount in your budget plan, then you have to try to keep the budget balance based on the priorities you have set. Go through your list and see if there is anything else you could compromise on. Does it really have to be chair covers and a sweet & salty bar, for example?

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and stressful at times. Always try to keep your budget in mind and find the right service provider for it. In our blog, we have already described in a separate post how you can find the right service provider for the wedding. Also try to give everyone the appreciation they deserve. After all, you also expect that you as a customer are important to the respective service provider.

If, on the subject of appreciation, you are still wondering whether a tip or gift should be planned for your service provider, then please write it down as an item in your budget plan. Feel free to use this free wedding planner.


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