Wiener Wiesn Trends 2021 | Dirndl fashion & dirndl hairstyles

Dirndl trends 2021: what works, what remains, what is new?

How is the dirndl cut this year?

At the Oktoberfest 2021 the traditional style of last year: Dirndl in A-line and skirts that cover the knee are trendy! An innovation compared to the previous year are sugar-sweet heart-shaped necklines and V-necklines with playful embroidery. Even the classic one Balcony neckline makes it into the trend list in 2021. In contrast to previous years, this year you can show a little more skin again. Larger cutouts are now available again in some collections.

Another novelty that is thrilling the trendsetters this year are dirndl blouses with cap sleeves. In addition, this year the designers are also based on the cuts of the 50s and 60s. That Vintage dirndl With wide-swinging skirts and narrowed shoulders this year goes into the next round. We are excited to see what other design delicacies await us at this year’s Oktoberfest!

Dirndl colors 2021: It remains pastel!

Some things are always in high season: the Wiener Wiesn started last year elegant pastel – and with rosé, nude and delicate shades of blue you are also right on trend at the Oktoberfest in 2021! Pantone chose two new ones again in 2021 Trend colorswhich are also suitable for dirndls: Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Gray. In trend since 2019 and have not disappeared since then dark olive and golden accents.

Wiener Wiesn Trends 2021 Dirndl fashion dirndl hairstyles - Wiener Wiesn Trends 2021 |  Dirndl fashion & dirndl hairstyles
Dark green and olive dirnl blouses with hole embroidery are all the rage at the Oktoberfest in 2021. Photo: Adobe Stock (c) drubig-photo

Flower patterns & embroidery at the Oktoberfest in 2021

While some of the great designers (for example Krüger Dirndl) this time on one elegant style set, a simple and more traditional style dominates in Hammerschid’s creations. Natural, rather dark colors, fine patterns and traditional cuts are used here. But romantic dirndls shouldn’t be neglected in 2021 either. Most designers rely on cute dotted and scattered flower patterns and playful embroidery in the shape of flowers.

Spitz and Froschgoscherl at the Oktoberfest 2021

In addition to girly, elegant embroidery and lace patterns, one trend in particular catches the eye at the Oktoberfest: that Froschgoscherl or Frog mouths. This special border with which the traditional and dirndl fabrics appear processed special way and being “gathered” so that a wave-like surface is created that, on closer inspection, reminds us of torn frog mouths, we encountered many creations this year. Not only the Dirndl wears Froschgoscherl in 2021, but also bows, aprons and hats are decorated in this way. We are excited to see what other ideas the designers will enchant us with this year.

1632404617 364 Wiener Wiesn Trends 2021 Dirndl fashion dirndl hairstyles - Wiener Wiesn Trends 2021 |  Dirndl fashion & dirndl hairstyles
The Froschgoscherl or frog mouth is a special border that is trendy at the Oktoberfest in 2021. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Halfpoint

Dirndl hairstyles: what’s trending in 2021?

This year, too, the dirndl will not let itself go from the classic braided hairstyle separate. “Classic” does not mean, however, that it is the Dirndl hair wreath lack of whistle – on the contrary! The traditional one Gretl hairstyle can be simple and elegant, playful and a bit “messy”, but also extra glamorous. If you like, you can do the braided hairstyle sweet floral decorations embellish what becomes an eye-catcher especially with rather simple clothes. Incidentally, the one is a little looser than the classic Gretl hairstyle lateral herringbone potwho is also on French style can be braided. For this, simply braid the hair loosely to the side, starting from the natural parting, and either let it fall open over the back or pin it together at the back of the head to form a bun.

By the way, if you want to make sure that the hairstyle catches your eye this year too, you can work with us Hoops, clasps or ribbons. Colorful ribbons create wonderful effects in braided hairstyles. And loops or playful knots give the whole thing the finishing touch.

Where can I find Wiesn Mode 2021?

After our traditional costume shops from Vienna to Vorarlberg, the most popular Viennese dirndl shops – After all, we don’t want to send you to Tyrol to dress you for the Kaiserwiesn. the 3 providersthat we introduce to you today have it based on very good customer reviews made our list.

1. Trachtenmädl in 1220 Vienna

Trachtenmädl in 1220 Vienna has been dressing traditional costume ladies since 1980 from size 34 to 50 in high quality dirndl and country house fashion. The customers thank the traditional business with a continuous 5-star rating on HEROLD.at. The special thing about the Trachtenmädl: That wide range from cotton, bodice and festive dirndls to glamorous meadow dirndls is complemented by a huge warehouse. This way everyone gets their favorite part!

“Highly recommended, despite the Wiesn stress (Wiener and Münschner) very loving care and good advice.” (Arbee writes on HEROLD.at)

Contact: Trachtenmädl, 1220 Vienna

2. Gwand vom Land in 1170 Vienna

Gwand from the country is a small traditional costume shop in the 17th district and is run by Ingrid Frühwirt. the 5 star rating Frau Frühwirt owes her competent advice and a motto that is unfortunately often lost in the service sector today: “The customer is king!”.

“In the small but fine shop there is not only a lot of choice, but also a lot of great treasures! […] Thank you for the great advice & I will definitely visit you very often! Keep it up!! 🙂 “(HEROLD customer rating)

3. Salzburg Trachtenoutlet in 1010 Vienna

That Original Salzburg costume outlet can be found in the first district of Vienna. Here you will find the traditional treasures made of linen, velvet and loden on an area of ​​almost 200 m2 all year round for friendly outlet price. If you prefer to shop from home, you can too click through the range online and simply have the Oktoberfest outfit for 2017 sent to you.

“There is a very good selection and the prices are great. Not more expensive than the large costume outlet in Heidenreichstein. “(Melanie writes on HEROLD.at)

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