Women’s Day 2022 at Bloomy Days and Butlers

March 8th is International Women’s Day. You have certainly heard about it, but do you also know the historical background and what events led to this day? This day is as relevant then as it is now and reminds us that women all over the world still have to fight for equality.

The Story of Women’s Day

March 8th was not always the date of this commemoration. In 1908, women from the Socialist Party of America (SPA) formed a National Women’s Committee. This committee has decided to establish a day to “fight” for women’s suffrage. Thus, on February 28, 1909, the first women’s day was celebrated in the USA – with success! Many bourgeois women’s rights activists joined the protest movement. A year later, the protest of the “North American Women’s Demonstration for the Right to Vote” took place again.

At the “Second International Socialist Women’s Conference” in Copenhagen on August 27, 1910, the German socialist Clara Zetkin proposed the introduction of an international women’s day. Thus, the first Women’s Day was celebrated in Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Switzerland and Germany on March 19, 1911. The day before, March 18th, is the day of remembrance for the fallen of the March Revolution in 1848. Since the SPD in Germany also campaigned for this day, their female membership grew from 1919 to 1911 by around 25,000!

Women’s Day in 1912 was celebrated on May 12, although it still faced strong criticism from other parties. In the years that followed, this day of protest was primarily about free suffrage for women. In 1918, on November 12, the provisional government finally introduced free, secret and equal voting rights for women and men over the age of 20.

On March 8, 1917, a strike broke out in the slums of the Russian city of Petrograd (now St. Petersburg). Wives of soldiers, women workers and, for the first time, peasant women walked down their jobs and took to the streets to protest. In doing so, they triggered the so-called February Revolution (according to the Julian calendar used at the time, March 8th is February 23rd). Thus, at the “Second International Conference of Communist Women” in Moscow in 1921, March 8 was officially recognized as International Women’s Day.

Womens Day 2022 at Bloomy Days and Butlers - Women's Day 2022 at Bloomy Days and Butlers

The women’s day today

The fight for equal voting rights for women was successfully won. But to this day there are reasons worldwide to stand up for women and their equality. Domestic violence, restricted access to education, abortion bans and the so-called “gender pay gap” remain a global problem. For this reason, thousands of people still take to the streets to demonstrate on this day. In South America in particular, the protest marches are taking on gigantic proportions. In 2021, 125,000 to 500,000 demonstrators took part in a protest march in Santiago de Chile! The main demand here was the abolition of the controversial abortion ban.

Various international tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix or Amazon have already published their own campaigns to focus on March 8th. For example, Spotify shows which are the most streamed female artists. Every women’s day in recent years has a specific motto. The motto for 2021 was “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. In the course of the Covid19 pandemic, women in particular were increasingly victims of domestic violence due to the ongoing lockdowns and the obligation to work from home. In addition, women make up the largest proportion of nursing staff, which has led to and still leads to an increased burden.

The motto this year is “break the bias”. The aim is to do away with stereotypes and prejudices against women and girls and thus create more equality. The stereotypical “ideal of beauty” of women is particularly widespread on the internet. The consequences of this are body shaming and the associated depression on a global scale. The UN wants to draw attention to International Women’s Day on social networks with the hashtag #BreaktheBias.

Women’s Day at Butlers and Bloomy Days

We at Bloomy Days are also resolutely opposed to utopian ideals of beauty and, together with our partner Butlers, are committed to more body positivity. Butlers make a mark with their various body vases to make a strong statement. No matter what shape and size, every body has the right to be considered beautiful and to flourish. Speaking of flowers: A vase without flowers? Unthinkable! That’s why we at Bloomy Days have filled the Butlers vases with our most beautiful flowers. You can see the results of this cooperation here:

What flowers for women’s day?

Historically, the red carnation represents the protest of the women’s movement. As early as the 19th century, women wore red carnations on their lapels as a sign of solidarity and belonging. But other flowers also go wonderfully with Women’s Day! Did you know that no flower symbolizes femininity like the lily? Unique, extravagant and beautiful. Just like every woman in this world! We didn’t make that up: Even in ancient times, lilies were considered the flower of femininity. According to legend, a drop of breast milk fell to the earth while the goddess Hera was breastfeeding her son. From this grew the first lily. So-called double lilies are particularly extravagant. These have only been around since the 1990s and recently at Bloomy Days too! The flowers of the double lily are even more opulent and expansive than those of the normal lily. Purple is also considered a color of feminism. In the Catholic Church, it symbolizes the connection between Mother Earth and the spirituality of Heaven. In Hinduism, on the other hand, dignity and individuality. Purple flowers in particular are considered a symbol of almost magical attraction, uniqueness and appreciation. Whether tulips, anemones or lisianthus. Flowers of this color look good on any woman.

Butlers and Bloomy Days are already looking forward to the upcoming International Women’s Day and stand together for equal rights for all women. We hope you are also at our side!

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