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In 2011 it was WooDone Founded by the young South Tyrolean entrepreneurs Klaus Tavella and Thomas Oberegger. The idea of ​​offering handcrafted glasses made from the most beautiful South Tyrolean woods was born back in 2009. With your stylish designs made from different types of wood such as nut, chestnut and acacia you have turned the glasses market upside down and have now presented many great collections. One of our favorite collections is of course the Nature Collection, in which the glasses frames are decorated with different types of flowers such as roses or violets. Stylish sunglasses with a noble wooden frame are also available from WooDone and we have considered that we can certainly give you great pleasure with them. From Saturday, September 24th to Friday, September 30th (10:00 am) you can at Facebook Take part in our competition and win a pair of high-quality sunglasses from the Sun Collection. So that you can learn more about these unique glasses, we conducted a short interview with the founders of WooDone and asked them a few questions. Have fun while reading!

Find out more about WooDone in our exclusive interview with Klaus Tavella and Thomas Oberegger!

WooDone competition Bloomy Blog - WooDone competition

What is the inspiration behind your great eyewear designs?

The nature! We are surrounded by a unique landscape. From our headquarters you have a wonderful view of the Dolomites. That just inspires! In 2011 we brought out our first collection of wooden glasses. We have hit the zeitgeist and revolutionized the eyewear market.

WooDone stands for …

Wood from South Tyrol! Visibly carry a modern approach to life into the world. Confident, clear, passionate, surprisingly different and therefore fascinating. Wood is the most natural material in the world. Flattering and at the same time changeable and so incredibly multifaceted.

Please briefly describe your eyewear designs to us.

1) South Tyrolean quality

2) Italian design

3) German precision

The best thing about my job is …

There are no limits to my creativity – I can try everything! The creative process is not a closed system, rather the constant examination of colors, woods and the essence of them, which then results in the vision for a new collection.

We think the idea of ​​adding flowers (including rose and violet blossoms) to the glasses frame is great. How did you come up with that?

Everything blooms here in spring! We wanted to pack this attitude towards life in glasses. The Nature Collection was created after countless prototypes.

Where do you prefer to wear your sunglasses?

Fortunately, the sun often shines here. I wear my glasses all the time! In the car, on the golf course and of course when skiing in winter.

Which flowers do you like best?

Colorful meadow bouquets are especially beautiful! But classics like roses and violets are also at the top of the list. They spread a special mood.

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At this point we would like to thank Klaus and Thomas for the great interview! We wish you the best of luck in the competition.

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