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Mohanita Yoga in my life - Yoga in my life

Here is a new category on the blog, which you already find a little more on my new insta @anitav_designer : Lifestyle!

Many of you tell me that this is content that you like, which is why I created this insta next to that of my brand @mohanitacreationsto be able to share with you on these subjects.

It is true that my lifestyle helps my entrepreneurship and vice versa…

I start with the yoga in my life, with this set OCEANSAPART, which I chose in a pretty Lilac color that I love. It’s a brand that highlights you during your sports sessions while respecting your skin and the environment. There are nice colors and above all the sets fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear.

Yoga came into my life when I was living in Miami. I had a class every Friday evening facing the ocean, the view was magnificent, and afterwards I felt great to start the weekend.

When I came back, I missed it, so I did a little from time to time, and gradually, much more.

Today, I do yoga every morning, it has simply changed my life as a woman and an entrepreneur.

I continue other sports that are complementary, but I see yoga as an ally of my daily life, more like a good morning shower or a good squeezed orange juice, you see?

When people ask me what he changed in my life, I say that I couldn’t express it, nothing and everything at the same time. I am the same, but in a better version, I now know how to manage my emotions, move on, and live in the present because I understood that that was all that mattered.

If you are interested, I recommend the book The Magic of Yoga.

I hope it will guide you in your life,

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Shirt : Vintage from my grandfather / Together leggings and bra : OCEANSAPART / Necklace : Benisa / Book and bag: The Magic of Yoga / Cap and scrunchie: OCEANSAPART


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