Your Augmented Reality (AR) invitation card – love for the wedding

Are you looking for something very special for your wedding invitation card? Then you have come to the right place in this post, where we present the film card to you. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, you can turn your simple wedding invitation out of paper into something extraordinary and bring it to life.

With Augmented Reality (AR), for example, photos from the real world can be enriched with additional digital information, which is displayed on the smartphone by means of overlay or overlay. For example, have you already tried the tape measure app on your iPhone? With the built-in camera in your smartphone you can measure objects and the measurements are shown live on the display.

Wedding invitation with film

The film card works on a similar principle. This makes it possible to put a video on your wedding invitation with which you can invite your guests personally. With a film you bring more emotions to a physical, printed card!

Thanks to WebAR technology, neither you nor your guests need an app for the display. With the help of a QR code, your guests can access a special website that starts the smartphone’s camera. As soon as your wedding invitation is held in the camera of the smartphone, your film can be seen. This is projected onto the map by the smartphone, as shown in these examples.

Using augmented reality technology, your classic invitation card for a wedding, birthday, thank you card, birth card or Christmas card is brought to life. The great thing about it: the costs for your very own film ticket are really manageable, as you can see in the filmkarte.de shop.

Your Augmented Reality AR invitation card love for the - Your Augmented Reality (AR) invitation card - love for the wedding
© film card

This is how you create your own film card

The way to your own film card is very easy. First you need your normal wedding invitation card. In addition to the invitation card, you will need a film that you can record with your smartphone, for example. How exactly this works is explained to you in a tutorial at Filmkarte.

As soon as you have both, you can order your very own film ticket. After ordering, you only upload a photo of your invitation card and the video you created to Filmkarte. You will then receive the film card tags in the mail. These are small QR code stickers that you can stick on your invitation.

If your guests now scan the QR code with their smartphone, they will be surprised by a film card. This brings your normal wedding invitation card to life.

1632487556 262 Your Augmented Reality AR invitation card love for the - Your Augmented Reality (AR) invitation card - love for the wedding
© film card

Bring map to life

Bringing your wedding invitation card to life is not really difficult. Probably the most challenging part of this is capturing the video for the card. Finds for that
At Filmkarte you not only have tutorials with a few tips, but you can also order an optimization of your finished video if necessary.

By using film editing software, you can usually get a lot out of it. The film is adjusted in terms of exposure, colors, audio and editing. Should be with a
Scene or the one or the other improvement come up, you will of course be informed of this. This gives you the opportunity to record part of the video again so that the scene can then be incorporated into the final film after it has been sent.

If you want to surprise your guests with a card that has come to life, then it is definitely worth taking a look at filmkarte.de.

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