Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural

After your wedding, you will not only have countless memories, but probably also a lot of photos. With a wedding report you have photos from the getting ready to the wedding ceremony and the couple photo shoot to the wedding celebration. Many unbelievably great moments that you will remember forever. Have you already thought about what to do with your wedding photos? While some just keep their photos digitally, others have a photo book printed with the most beautiful photos. But how about hanging your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural?

Mural as decoration

Since our wedding we have had our fingerprint picture in a picture frame. First in the bedroom, now in the study. Even if it still looks really great, we wanted to have something new. At sendmoments we discovered murals where there are many different designs to choose from. But it wasn’t just the different designs that impressed us. We think the range of different materials is really great. So you can choose between the material

  • Poster,
  • Poster gloss lamination,
  • Poster matt lamination,
  • Canvas,
  • Acrylic glass fineart,
  • or Alu-Dibond direct printing

choose. In addition, you can also order a suitable frame directly. Depending on the model, there are aluminum frames, plastic frames, wooden frames, floater frames and even an Artbox. As an extra there is also a passe-partout and accessories for the suspension.

Since we were immediately enthusiastic about the diverse selection and the designs from the start, we not only ordered a new mural with our favorite photo of the wedding for the study. In addition, there is also a wall picture for the dining room and a poster combination in a chic aluminum frame.

Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural - Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural

Find the right design

If the many possible combinations overwhelm you at first, don’t worry. At the beginning we didn’t even know exactly what we wanted. Therefore, start with the selection of the design. There are currently over 300 pieces available for this, but not all of them are tailored to weddings. While some designs are just text, others are just a photo. Of course, you can also combine both.

We decided on the design “Einach nur Ja” in the size 60 × 80 cm made of acrylic glass Fineart with the Artbox, but also ordered the design “Kleines Busserl” as a canvas in the size 80 × 60 in a white floater frame. In the design, however, we have removed the text. You have the possibility to adapt the designs according to your wishes and also to use your own text and photos.

We also really like the murals, which only consist of text. Here we have decided on the design “love initials” as a poster in an aluminum frame.

1632479274 709 Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural - Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural

Which photo for the mural?

Depending on the design you choose, you can often insert one or more photos for your own mural. For us, the selection was relatively easy, as there was only one photo in the template for the two designs we selected. Therefore, we have selected our absolute favorite picture of our wedding on the one hand and a photo of our wedding on the other. With the design “Simply just yes”, under the picture there is a nice lettering “Yes!” As well as our names and the date of our wedding. For this mural, we have therefore chosen the first kiss as a married couple during our wedding ceremony.

When you are faced with choosing the perfect photo, consider the room in which the mural should stand or hang. If the photo was taken in nature with rich green tones, the colors may not necessarily fit into every room. If you can add multiple photos to a design, make sure that the look and feel of the photos match.

How good are the murals from sendmoments?

From sendmoments we only ever knew the pretty wedding stationery, as you can read in our sendmoments experience report. We have already ordered a photo book and a picture box there and have always been very satisfied. Murals were new to us, so we really wanted to try them out.

The design of the pictures directly in the browser and the ordering were, as usual, very easy and quick. The delivery of the finished murals was also very quick. Full of anticipation, we unpacked the packages and were immediately impressed. The photo as acrylic glass fine art in the art box and the canvas in the floater frame were already assembled so that we could hang or place both pictures directly on the wall. We only had to pack the two posters into the aluminum frames, but that wasn’t much of an effort.

We really like the print and the frames of all the murals. The Artbox in particular looks really chic and is definitely worth the money. We find the option of ordering a frame very practical. So we don’t need to look for a perfectly fitting frame for the respective pictures first.

1632479275 377 Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural - Your most beautiful wedding moments as a mural

Wedding moments as a mural

Under no circumstances should you keep the photos of your wedding exclusively digital. Make sure you create a real photo book that you can look at together every now and then. You should also have your most beautiful wedding moments created as a mural. So you always have one of the most beautiful days in your life in view. If you order from sendmoments, be sure to check beforehand whether there isn’t a sendmoments discount code. If so, the code is usually valid for the entire range. You can also use the discount code for your wedding invitations or photo books and picture boxes.

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