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It is August and therefore the last month of summer. That doesn’t just mean that you should spend as much time as possible by the lake, picnicking or in the garden. It’s also time to say goodbye to our summer flowers. But don’t worry, autumn will also bring great flowers! But since it’s not all evening yet, let’s first introduce you to our August flowers.

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What flowers bloom in August


Gladioli are not only summer flowers because they are in full bloom in July and August. Their insensitivity to higher temperatures also makes them the ideal summer arrangement. Exciting: In the gladiator fights in ancient Rome, swordsmen fought for “death or gladioli”. The winner not only escaped death, but was showered with gladioli after a victorious fight. These stories are probably the reason why the gladiolus still stands for strength and victory today. STRONG!

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As you know, delphinium is one of our favorite summer flowers. Just as much as we like it, it gets just as big: pretty big at up to two meters! Many smaller individual blue flowers are distributed over these two meters. With a little imagination, these look like little dolphins. At least that’s what some botanists thought, which is why the botanical name is Delphinium. The German word delphinium has a similar origin: Since the flower has a spur that protrudes backwards – similar to the spur of a knight – it was obviously christened delphinium.


We just can’t get enough of Allium, so we didn’t want to do without it in August either. With its 800 species worldwide, however, it also has enough reasons to be mentioned several times. Did you know that you can easily dry Allium and enjoy it in the fall? To do this, you simply have to carefully tie a few allium stalks together and then hang them upside down in a shady, but warm place. After one to two weeks you should be able to take it off again and arrange it in a vase as a dried flower arrangement.

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Clearly this is probably the most eye-catching flower in August! The so-called Hahnenkamm impresses with its unusual flower shape. This is somewhat reminiscent of a brain, which is why it is also called cerebral flower. By the way, the Latin name is Celosia. Almost clear that such a special flower doesn’t just grow in Europe. Instead, it originally comes from the Asian tropics. In the meantime, however, it has been cultivated as an ornamental plant and at times even used as food and in herbalism. You won’t believe it, but Celosia are related to the Amaranthus species (Amaranth) and to the beets (Beta), which by the way also includes Swiss chard!


In the summer months, lilies with their graceful flowers are hard to beat in terms of beauty. No wonder that many gardeners are gripped by “lily fever”. And with us you will also find lilies in many summer arrangements. Do you know someone who is getting married soon or do you even get married yourself? Then lilies should not be missing in the bridal bouquet or on the tables! Because these stand for purity and fertility and are therefore the perfect wedding flowers. White lilies also represent virginity, just like the white wedding dress. In addition to white lilies, there are almost every imaginable color and different pattern among the more than 100 types of lily worldwide. No wonder, because lilies are among the oldest cultivated plants. Some species were planted in gardens as early as the middle of the second millennium BC. And the Romans also introduced them to their provinces north of the Alps.

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Spray carnation

The spray carnation is also a popular summer and therefore August flower. This is now available all year round through greenhouse cultivation, but its flowering time is actually in summer. The difference between spray carnations and classic carnations lies in the way they are grown. If the tip of the shoot is removed from a carnation plant, it branches out and develops into a spray form with many smaller flower heads. The other way around, if all side shoots of the carnation plant are removed, only the shoot with the main bud will continue to grow. This creates only one larger flower per stem.


We love eustoma not only because of the many small flowers, but also because of their long shelf life in the vase. If it is freshly cut regularly and the vase water is renewed at the same time, it will last up to two weeks. Of course, the vase should not be in direct sunlight for this. Lisianthus or prairie gentian, as the eustoma is still called, is not only wonderful as a gift because of its beauty and durability. In the symbolism, the flower stands for appreciation, gratitude and charisma – all great qualities that you will certainly associate with one or the other person. Whether you choose a pure eustoma arrangement or a combination with other flowers does not detract from the importance. The main thing is that you like it!

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Most flowers have their origin in Asia, but not the dahlia. For a change, she comes from a completely different corner, namely from Mexico. There it was discovered in 1571 by the Spanish botanist Francisco Hernandez. Since dahlias could neither be used as food nor as medicine, they were of no interest to Europeans. It was not until 1789 that the then head of the botanical garden in Mexico City sent dahlia seeds to a colleague in Madrid. This sowed the seeds and one year later had the first flowering dahlias in Europe. A few years later, Alexander von Humboldt also brought dahlia seeds to Europe. Since then, dahlias have been planted, bred and propagated in Europe, so that there are now around 2,400 types of dahlia.

When does which flower bloom?

Do you want to know which flowers bloom in March, April or May? Then take a look at the other months of the flower season calendar.

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