Valentinstag: Rote Rosen mit Herztasche

Gifts & products with roses & tulips

When is it actually Valentine’s Day?Gifts products with roses tulips - Gifts & products with roses & tulips
Valentine’s Day is always on February 14th. This year we have come up with extraordinary and special products as well as gifts for Valentine’s Day, with great attention to detail. Some of the products are seasonal and are not available all year round but only until June. I have listed it accordingly with the products.

Of the Valentine’s Day classic is of course that Red roseWhether a single noble rose or 100 red roses, whether small or large, depending on your wallet and expression of love, there is something for everyone. To get a quick overview, you can use this link to go directly to our product range for Valentine’s Day.
Our newest product with red roses is an arrangement of 10 or 20 red roses in a heart pocket decorated with a wooden heart. The great thing is that the water supply from the transport can be used as a vase. This bag can also be used for other products, such as two-tone roses or tulips, just take a look for yourself!

Valentine’s Day: love gifts & proof of love

1632399359 452 Gifts products with roses tulips - Gifts & products with roses & tulips

Whether red, yellow, white or pink roses, this set contains 10 or 20 roses according to your color choice, it is ideal as a proof of love or as a love gift for Valentine’s Day. The arrangement is approx. 30-40cm high and also consists of a heart pocket and a small wooden plug in the shape of a heart. The plug is equipped with a small bow and a ladybug.
The whole arrangement can be bought for less than EUR 20. Here you can go directly to the product Roses with a heart pocket.

1632399359 712 Gifts products with roses tulips - Gifts & products with roses & tulipsThe harlequin, a special rose, not only for lovers! The special thing about this rose is its wonderful and unique spot pattern in the colors red / wine red and white / cream. This rose will magically attract the viewer and stay in the memory for a long time. We love this rose too!
Here, too, we offer you the arrangement with the heart pocket, you also have the choice between other 2-colored roses, such as yellow / red, purple / white or green / pink. The set is also approx. 30-40cm high and approx. 20-30cm wide here you get directly to the product.

1632399359 888 Gifts products with roses tulips - Gifts & products with roses & tulipsA great Valentine’s Day gift for you: Red tulips!
This arrangement also makes women’s hearts beat faster, because tulips are not available all year round and red tulips are suitable for the symbol of love. This set consists of 20 red tulips, our heart bag and a small pinwheel, completely in the style of the Dutch. Here, too, you have the choice of color on the product page, we offer the colors red, white, yellow and pink.

1632399359 583 Gifts products with roses tulips - Gifts & products with roses & tulipsLast one exceptional gift for Valentine’s Day: Ranunculus!

15 colorful ranunculus, tied up as a bouquet with a little cut green of the season, make hearts beat faster, because ranunculus are intense in color and thus a highlight in every vase! Ranunculus is only available in spring and they are very popular with women. This seasonal bouquet is available through June.

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