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Let yourself be transported to exotic, warm places – with our wonderful bouquet “Hello Pineapple” for the table vase. With the all-time favorite ornamental pineapple, extravagant dendrobias (orchids), delicate Inca lilies, eucalyptus and bright yellow Craspedia you will get through the gray days in a good mood!

You can get the short-stemmed flowers from us until 10/31/2016. Order or change your subscription by Thursday, October 27th, 2016, choose October 31st, 2016 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

The popular one Ornamental pineapple gives every bouquet an exotic look. It is at home in Central and South America and is very uncomplicated to take care of: just cut it freshly and put it in fresh water! You can find more information about ornamental pineapples here.

Dendrobia are a genus of orchids – which most people only know as a potted plant. However, they are also ideal as cut flowers and add an extravagant touch to every bouquet. We have put together information and care instructions for you here.

With Inca lilies, the exotic is perfect in the bouquet! The small flowers, which were discovered by the Swedish botanist Clas Alstroemer and therefore named after him in their botanical name (Alstroemeria), enchant with their delicate beauty. You can find more information and care instructions here.

This week, pastel green provides the contrast in the bouquet Eucalyptus and yellow Craspedia balls. Eucalyptus is native to Australia, where it survives even in the hottest areas as it requires little water. You can find more information here. The craspedia – also called drum sticks – are small yellow balls whose tiny flowers can only be seen on closer inspection. With their mustard yellow color, they are definitely a special eye-catcher. More information and care instructions for Craspedia can be found here.

Our vase recommendation for “Hello Pineapple”

For our “Hello Pineapple” combination, a very tall vase with a slightly wider opening is ideal, as the individual expressive blossoms can still work well as a combination.

We wish you a wonderful Australian week with the flowers!

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