Is it already Christmas? –

Is it already Christmas? -

Christmas is still a long way off, but this year everything is a little different. Accordingly, you can’t start thinking about gifts early enough! And let’s be honest, don’t we also enjoy philosophizing about what could make our loved ones happy for Christmas in 2020?

If there’s one thing flowers can do really well, it’s making people happy! With a surprising flower greeting, emotions can also be conveyed perfectly and with beauty from a distance. As part of our Christmas collection, we want to show you what you can say to your loved ones with our flower arrangements – through the flower, of course.

Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

“Crazy about you”

With this name you don’t have to explain much anymore. Do you want to tell your loved one how much you miss him or her? Then definitely give away our “Crazy About You” arrangement! With its red roses in combination with green eucalyptus, this classic arrangement makes every heart beat faster.

“I love you”

The sentence that probably doesn’t come off the lips of any of us so easily. In addition to “You are right”, of course, the red roses in this arrangement take this challenge off your shoulders and can convey to your loved one that you are fond of them – very much indeed.

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1632658364 357 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

“Merry Christmas”

Why only wish “Merry Christmas” over the holidays? Send our arrangement a little earlier and wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas. And who knows, maybe you can stand in front of the door on one of the holidays – with flowers of course!

“Christmas Messenger”

The name says it all for this arrangement. This combination of red amaryllis and white alstromeria heralds the start of Christmas in every house. With these color accents you give away pure Christmas market atmosphere and encourage your loved ones to drink mulled wine – Home Edition!

1632658364 164 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -
1632658364 523 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

“Merry Christmas”

Also called “German buddy” from “Merry Christmas”. This arrangement impresses with its size and can, above all, sweeten the Christmas season for your grandparents or distant aunts and uncles with the clear message “Merry Christmas”. This combination of pine and salmon-colored amaryllis is also reminiscent of a nice walk in the forest after the food battle on Christmas Day.


When you hear this name, does the singing Michael Bublé come to mind? “Let it snow” – unfortunately more of a dream in Germany at Christmas time, but with our “Snowflake” arrangement you can bring the splendor of snow to your loved ones in their own four walls. With white roses, white amaryllis and a little eucalyptus, it takes every recipient back to the time when you ran out to snowball fights at Christmas. So either emigrate to Canada or give away “Snowflake”!

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1632658366 250 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

“Winter Wonderland”

The next catchy tune to sneak into our heads. Not really nice this time, but with this name we immediately think of Heidi Klum, how she drives her sledge through the white green screen world and performs the song “Wonderland”. With our arrangement you can send this feeling even without Heidi and a sledge. The white and red accents encourage each recipient to pimp their home for Christmas.

“Christmas miracle”

We all wish for a Christmas miracle this year. With this arrangement you can at least give it away in a flowery way. Miracles happen and maybe you can actually stand on the doorstep of your loved one on the 24th with this combination of red amaryllis and pine branches. Alternatively, you can of course give away this little miracle from afar and spread hope.

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1632658369 417 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

“Crazy Christmas”

This Christmas will definitely be crazy. With this arrangement you can show your loved ones how crazy you are! Because the white and salmon-colored amaryllis by no means correspond to the typical Christmas colors. But since everything is different this year, this arrangement invites you to be a bit “freaky” and to throw the old traditions overboard.

“Mint Tea”

With this eucalyptus mix you can convey to your favorite person: “Relax, make yourself a mint tea, lie on the couch and take a deep breath.” Because our “Mint Tea” is the perfect arrangement to get away from the Christmas stress and feel completely to focus on yourself. So it’s kind of like Santa Claus among our self-love dried flowers.

1632658369 952 Is it already Christmas - Is it already Christmas? -

We hope that, despite the pandemic, you can have a nice Christmas with your loved ones – no matter in what form. With our arrangements from the Christmas collection, you can definitely show in advance that you are thinking of them and wish them a Merry Christmas. Because flowers are more than just green with a few color accents. They give hope, consolation, joy, happiness and so much more. That’s why we love flowers! You too?

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