Our Plant Buddies –

Our Plant Buddies -

Our plant family has grown and I am very happy that I can introduce you to our new plant buddies today. Each plant is very special and lovable in its own way. If you take good care of them, they will give it back to you too. After a while they get bigger and you can enjoy new leaves and sometimes even flowers. With this article we want to provide you with exciting information on plant care. If you decide to adopt one of our plants or to give them away, please read this part carefully and share the tips or this page with the recipient so that the joy lasts not just for a few weeks but for a long period of time .

Our plant buddies all have individual names and would like to be treated just as individually by you. At the beginning I will introduce you to our Rudi:

Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Rudi is a Platycerium Bifurcatum, very undemanding and even forgives care mistakes. Normally it grows on trees in nature, which is why its bottom leaf clings to the base. Rudi is very thirsty from spring to autumn. Since it is difficult to water from above, you put it in the water for about twenty minutes during this phase. In the remaining months, one to two minutes are sufficient. He also loves to be sprayed on every now and then. Its leaves resemble deer antlers and look dusty at first glance. Please don’t believe you’re doing him a favor by cleaning him up. The “dusty” thing is its tiny hairs that it needs to protect itself and to absorb water. Rudi likes to live in bright places, but he avoids direct sunlight.

1633157513 425 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -If you’d rather bring the jungle into your house than just a forest, then you should get ours Matswho have favourited Monkey Mask are sure to give it a try. It is a Monstera Obliqua and something very special and convinces with its playful appearance. No, there were no aphids at work, the holes in their leaves give it that certain something. Our Mats prefer to sleep in bright places. However, due to his allergy to the sun, you shouldn’t put him in direct sunlight. Otherwise it is also very easy to care for. If the surface is dry, pour it until the coaster fills up. After about ten minutes, pour out the coaster.

1633157513 603 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Kowalski is a cactus-like Madagascar palm. He is very easy to care for and a very relaxed roommate. Kowalski is reminiscent of vacation and would like to be treated that way. So put it in a sunny spot. He is also special because he is the only one among our buddies who loves the dry heating air. You can even place it on a window sill directly above a heater and it will enjoy the warm air from below. Kowalski is rarely thirsty – but when he does, he prefers rainwater. Just give it something to drink just before its earth cracks. Please do not be surprised if Kowalski sheds a few leaves in winter, he is just very vain.

1633157513 555 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

comes from the golden fruit palm family. He is very often thirsty. Therefore give him plenty to drink often and in abundance. His floor can be damp, but not under water (so remove excess water from the planter). Lutz is a very loyal friend and will bring you joy for a long time. In summer he likes to live in bright locations without direct sunlight. In winter it needs the energy of the sun, so please put it in a sunny place.

1633157513 46 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Our Anna is a fast-growing shrub that stands out for its lush green, large, serrated leaves. In order for it to develop its full size, it needs a very bright location. With regular watering and depending on the pot size, it can grow up to 1.5 meters.

1633157514 890 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Bruce is an Epiphyllum Anguliger and fits into every family. He’s a very chilled-out guy and reminds of algae that move in time from left to right. With luck, it is particularly vain from May to August and you can enjoy yellowish-white flowers. Bruce likes to live in bright and warm places. In summer he wants to enjoy the fresh air every now and then. But since he’s a shy guy, he needs some time to get used to the sun. In summer he needs something to drink once a week. In winter he makes himself noticeable when he is thirsty – he then lets his earth dry out completely. He likes rainwater best. Tap water is bad for his health.

1633157514 689 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

With our Gerry, the Ficus Lyrata, you are right on trend. It is also called the violin fig because of its large, lush green leaves that are similar to the violin. During her growth phase, Gerry likes it particularly bright, but she should not be in direct sun, as it quickly becomes too warm for her. It is also a bit sluggish and therefore prefers a fixed location where it can get used to its surroundings. Depending on the size of the pot, it can grow up to 2 meters. Individual leaves can reach a length of over 30 centimeters.

1633157514 676 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Who does not know her? Mona, Monstera is one of the most sought-after houseplants. In addition to its stylish appearance, it is also not particularly demanding and therefore just the thing if you don’t have a green thumb. Adult leaves can be up to one meter in diameter and develop deep indentations over time, which makes them a real eye-catcher.

Our three succulent brothers Kevin, Jeremy and Pascal beautify your home and are also very easy to care for. They only need a little drink every two weeks and all of them prefer a bright place to live.

1633157514 257 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -1633157514 303 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -1633157514 461 Our Plant Buddies - Our Plant Buddies -

Have a look at Bloomy Days and let yourself be enchanted by our plant buddies. Each of them would be grateful to be adopted or given away by you. You will also find the right present for men among many beautiful gift ideas, consisting of plants and “men’s chocolate”. Decide for yourself whether you need a gift “For real guys”, a “sports cannon” or for the entire “Men’s World”. Our plant buddies are the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas. You can only be right with them and they are gifts with which you will bring joy for a long time.

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