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Seasonal Calendar April –

April, April, he does what he wants – and that’s exactly why the April flowers are very different. Often warm and cold days alternate in April, which means that the outdoor flowers also start to bloom at different times. But see for yourself what the April seasonal calendar looks like:

Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
These flowers bloom in April
1632524779 399 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Iris – April seasonal calendar


When the iris season blooms between March and April, florists like to use it for mono bouquets and arrangements. The elegant flower impresses with its special shape, to which it owes its other German name Iris, and its rather slim style. It is characteristic of the iris flower that it is divided into three parts. Each flower consists of three upright petals and three further leaves that hang down. Depending on the type – of which there are almost 300, by the way – the petals can be monochrome, multicolored, smooth or wavy. Before placing irises in a vase of water, you should use a sharp knife to shorten their stems by three to five centimeters. You can add a freshness-keeping agent for a particularly long shelf life. In addition, you should make sure that there are no leaves floating in the vase water.


Freesias come in almost all colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, purple, and white. Bicoloured and multicolored species have also been bred in the meantime. But freesias are not only convincing through the choice of colors. They are also popular in bouquets and arrangements because of their sweet scent. In order for freesias to last a little longer in the vase, it is best to put them overnight and in a cool place when you are not at home.

1632524780 606 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Freesia – seasonal calendar April
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Dandelions – April seasonal calendar


A popular weed for some, a hated garden weed for others: the dandelion. It is a classic April bloomer that can also occur in March in early spring. It is particularly noticeable because of its plate-shaped yellow flower. Due to its transformation from yellow dandelion to fluffy dandelion, it has a long flowering time until autumn. If you want to curb the spread of dandelions in your own garden, you should remove the plants before turning into the dandelion, because the small fluffy flower heads contain the seeds that are spread by the wind (or by blowing). However, you should think twice about whether you really want to “fight” the dandelion, after all, it contains a lot of nectar and is therefore a great friend of bees.

Gardener’s fright

You don’t feel like looking after new flowers every week and want to enjoy your cut flowers for as long as possible? Then the gardener’s scare, also known as the milk star, is just right for you. Milky stars can stand in the vase for up to six weeks and continue to look great. So that they really last that long, you should of course regularly change the water, freshly cut the stems and remove the lower green leaves. As a rule, there is a gardener’s fright in shades of orange or white (hence the name Milky Star). It has star-shaped flowers that open from bottom to top along the panicle.

1632524781 51 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Gärtnerschreck – seasonal calendar April
1632524782 964 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Lilac seasonal calendar April


The spring dream in purple, pink or white: lilac. From the end of April, its flowering period begins from four to eight weeks. As a cut flower, lilac is not only convincing because of its voluminous flowers, but also because of its pleasant scent. Unfortunately, lilacs do not have a long shelf life in the vase. You can, however, extend the lifespan a little by cutting the lilac stems by a few centimeters at the lower end, i.e. splitting them in the middle. This allows the stems to absorb more water and stay fresh longer. You should also make sure that you never put lilacs in cold water, only in warm water. By the way, lilac looks particularly great in combination with flowers in a complementary color, e.g. B. Yellow, off. So how about a lilac and dandelion arrangement?


Rarely seen as a cut flower due to its small size, but one of the April flowers: daisies. Because from the beginning of April you can find the first white heads on the green meadows, and then they stay there all summer. In our regions, the white meadow daisy is best known, but there are eleven other daisy species, some of which also bloom in pink, red or two-tone. However, these are more common in the Mediterranean area and are therefore not so familiar to us.

1632524782 732 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Daisy seasonal calendar April
1632524782 557 Seasonal Calendar April Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar April -
Magnolia seasonal calendar April


When most of the deciduous trees still have bare branches, the magnolia trees are already adorned with their delicate white, pink and purple flowers. After the long, cold winter months, there are hardly any people who are not fascinated by this splendor of flowers. The time when the colored petals fall from the tree and transform the whole area into a pink sea of ​​flowers is particularly magical. When the wind whirls the petals through the warm spring air, you could almost believe that you are in the film. It is worth mentioning, by the way, that the magnolia family are among the oldest flowering plants in the world and already existed in the times of the dinosaurs.

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