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Thoughts on Mother’s Day –

Who of us can say that we have been simple all our life? We must all have given our mom one or the other sleepless night. Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to think about mom and thank her.

Thoughts on Mothers Day Bloomy Blog - Thoughts on Mother's Day -

Have you ever thought about the fact that on that day everyone really says “thank you”? But what for? Perhaps it is also the right occasion to apologize for things that would be done differently today. To make it clear to yourself how special your own mother is to you and to also tell her about this on Mother’s Day as a “thank you”.

She already loved you when you were still a thought, a dream or later a small pile of cells. Since she knew about you, there have been many conversations just between you. She talked to you and caressed you for hours. When you made yourself noticeable and she felt you for the first time, it was clear to her that this love is limitless and unique. Her love for you is and was so great that she even went through great pain to finally be able to hold you in her arms. Since you first screamed, she has been protecting you from monsters under your bed and is there for you 24/7 without taking a vacation.

Bloomy Days gives you the opportunity to be next to one beautiful bouquet also to write a special greeting card text for your mom. There are certainly many situations that you also know from your childhood and youth, for which you should not only say “thank you”, but also sometimes “excuse”, even if you could not assess the situations as a child:

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I am sorry that I ungratefully accepted some birthday presents because the model of the knight’s castle or the hair color of Barbie was not right.

Thank you that I was allowed to drink the last sips from the XXL Cola cup in the cinema, even though you were at least as thirsty for the popcorn.

Often I would whisper to you about the unfinished homework or secretly continue playing in the room, even though it was already bedtime. I’m sorry for that.

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I also thank you for scratching my back for hours, even though your arm was probably long asleep.

I’m sorry that I emptied your expensive lipstick back then because I thought I could use it to beautify my room wall.

I’m sorry that you were looked at strangely on the train because you wore my necklace, which I made out of corks, to please me.

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After you saw the pictures of the school photographer, I heard every year: “I have the most beautiful child in the world”. Thank you for always making me feel special.

How often have you been sad while we were singing children’s songs together, but you would have needed a hug.

Sorry for taking my bad mood out on you so often.

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I am sorry that if I was gone too long in the evening, I gave you sleepless nights or woke you in the middle of the night with a request to pick me up from some club miles away.

When you were away you might have had one or the other party with us. Grandma’s antique porcelain and the expensive rum didn’t accidentally fall off while cleaning.

But the most important excuse is that I don’t get in touch with you every day and often fail for days.

We all blame it on time we don’t think we have. We should ask ourselves more often where our mothers always got the time for us and still do it today. Despite their job, partner, friends and hobbies, they were always there for us. Say “thank you” and “sorry” more often and be there for your mothers as often as possible. At some point there is no longer a chance to say “thank you”. To support you in this, we will provide you here wonderful flower arrangements available that reach your mom, even if you can’t be with her on mother’s day.

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