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Typical autumn flowers –

Autumn has found its way into the country and we would like to introduce you to a few typical autumn flowers. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures colder and slowly but surely everyday life is getting grayer. Autumn flowers can provide true color joy in the dreary season, because most of the flowers still shine in the colors of the Indian summer: orange, red, pink, yellow and various copper tones. Many autumn flowers begin to bloom in summer and continue into late autumn. Today we would like to briefly introduce you to a few of the typical autumn bloomers. With our BLOOMY of the week we also pay attention to the seasonality of the respective combinations in every season, so that you can enjoy your BLOOMY DAYS flowers for as long as possible.

Typical autumn flowers

The typical autumn flowers include colorful blooming flowers of various types. Discover more in our small overview:

  • Monkshood: In autumn you can particularly enjoy the dark blue-violet of the monkshood. With its late flowering time in September / October, you can enjoy the monkshood in deep autumn. Due to its impressive flower shape, it is also known as a balaclava and thrives and grows especially in higher mountain regions. But the beautiful appearance of the monkshood is deceptive! All monkshood species are among the most poisonous plants in our latitudes – it should therefore under no circumstances be consumed and it should not be near children or animals. You can find more information about the monkshood herer read in our flower lexicon.

Typical autumn flowers Bloomy Blog - Typical autumn flowers -

  • Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas exude a romantic flair like no other flower. Whether in the garden or in the bouquet, hydrangeas simply attract everyone’s attention with their lush flowers. Their extraordinary inflorescence is typical of them. The flower umbels usually consist of inconspicuous small fertile flowers in the center and sterile pseudo-flowers with large, colored or white sepals that stand on the edge of the inflorescence. They find out here more information about hydrangeas.

Typical autumn flowers Bloomy Blog - Typical autumn flowers -

  • Chrysanthemums: A popular autumn flower that is particularly easy to care for is the chrysanthemum. As cut flowers in the vase, you only need to cut them fresh every three days and change the water regularly. Chrysanthemums have a very long flowering period and belong to the daisy family. Read here to chrysanthemums.

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  • fat chicken: The “fat hen” is also called sedum and is an easy-care and typical cut flower of autumn. The plant doesn’t really deserve to be called like fat chickens. It belongs to an extremely varied plant genus, of which there are also many filigree representatives. Of the approximately 420 sedum species worldwide, around 100 grow naturally in Germany, and these are also the particularly recommended species because they are familiar with our climate. In addition, there are a lot of fatty hens from other parts of the world, which also do well here because the climatic conditions are quite similar to ours. So you can also plant many types of sedum plant and thus increase the variety of shapes and colors.

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  • Autumn asters: Asters are a popular cut flower and also belong to the daisy family. At first glance, the beautiful flower heads look like a uniquely large flower, but the flower consists of many small, ray-shaped flowers that are arranged in rays and form a colorful wreath. Hence the aster got its name, because the Latin derivation of the generic name is astrum, which means star, star, and refers to the arrangement of the ray or ray flower.

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Discover typical autumn flowers in our BLOOMY DAYS flower subscription and let yourself be surprised regularly with fresh, seasonal cut flowers. We wish you a wonderful autumn!

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