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We think the best way to drive away the dreary autumn is with fresh, colorful flowers on the table – for example with “Yellow Kangaroo”. So this week we’re bringing the Australian sun into your home or office! The bright yellow color of the lilies and the extraordinary flowers of the kangaroo feet immediately put you in a good mood and make us dream of a vacation at the other end of the world.

You can get the short-stemmed flowers from us until 10/17/2016. Order or change your subscription by Thu, October 13th, 2016, choose October 17th, 2016 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

the Kangaroo feet are also known as kangaroo flowers and of course got their name because of the shape of their flowers, which are reminiscent of kangaroo paws. Since the extraordinary flower is also native to Australia, the name fits perfectly! With their softly hairy flowers in different shades of yellow, orange and red, they give every bouquet a special charm and are always an eye-catcher. The kangaroo feet need a lot of water, so make sure you check the water level regularly.

Lilies are always an eye-catcher – whether alone or in combination with other flowers. They create a special presence with their flowers and beguile with their beauty and their scent. There are many stories about the lily, one of which tells, for example, that some milk from Hera, the patron goddess of marriage, dripped onto the earth when the Milky Way was created and that the lily was created from it. The lily family (botanically Liliaceae) today counts around 110 species, some of which are among the oldest ornamental plants. The lily was originally found in the Himalayas, but now it is particularly at home in the temperate zones of the entire northern hemisphere. More information and care instructions for lilies can be found here.

Our vase recommendation for “Yellow Kangaroo”

For our combination “Yellow Kangaroo” we recommend a sufficiently high vase with a slightly wider opening so that the flowers can be arranged nicely.

We wish you a wonderful Australian week with flowers!

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