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Beautiful Day


This bouquet shines like a sunny spring day with its strong colors. Playful ranunculus, colorful tulips and delicate hypericum make up the “Beautiful Day” bouquet – a combination that lets you forget cold winter days quickly.

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With its decorative flower shape, that counts Ranunculus to the most beautiful early bloomers. There are over 400 species of this flower worldwide, but their original home is in the Near East. Please note that ranunculus are very delicate flowers – the stems do not break off, but become mushy. If one of the stems is damaged, just cut it shorter and put it in a small vase. The ranunculus will still rise wonderfully. Further information and care tips for ranunculus can be found here.

What would spring be without Tulips? It is hard to imagine spring without these diverse flowers, because they enchant us with their splendid colors on cold winter days and make us dream of beautiful spring days. Tulips are segmented, flamed, double, goblet-shaped or classic. But all tulip species have one thing in common – they are all beautiful! Tulips grow well and happily in the vase, so don’t forget to keep cutting the stems fresh. For more information and care tips for tulips, stop by here.

Hypericum or St. John’s wort rounds off the “Beautiful Day” bouquet. St. John’s wort is used in medicine as a general calming agent, but this plant is also very popular as a cut flower. You can find more information about Hypericum here.

Our vase recommendation for “Beautiful Day”

For this short-stemmed bouquet, we recommend a short table vase with an opening that is not too narrow.

We wish you a nice week and a lot of fun with “Beautiful Day”.

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