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Dried Flower Care Tips –

How do you properly care for dried flowers?

Everywhere we write: “Dried flowers last forever” – but only with the right care. Therefore, we want to give you a few tips on how to care for dried flowers.

But let’s start with the basics first:

What are dried flowers actually?

Dried flowers are carefully dried and refined cut flowers. The cut flowers are mostly hung upside down in a warm, dry place to dry. During the drying process, the flowers partly change their shapes and colors. For particularly colorful flowers and grasses, they are placed or dipped in colored water before drying. This is how our Phalaris got their red color.

Why we love dried flowers!

We love dried flowers above all because of their naturalness and their “perfect imperfection”. When the flowers dry, they change their color and shape, and although their hard stems and discolored flowers no longer exactly match the ideal image of a fresh flower, they convince us with their naturalness; Dried flowers are incredibly calming and grounding. With the calm and timelessness that they exude, dried flowers are therefore the perfect living accessory.

And by the way, a dried flower arrangement is probably the most sustainable cut flower bouquet in the world: After all, the flowers are not disposed of after a week like fresh flowers, but will delight us for several years to come.

Dried Flower Care Tips Bloomy Blog - Dried Flower Care Tips -

Proper care of dried flowers

Actually, dried flowers and grasses don’t need a lot of care. Dried flowers last almost forever. That makes a dried flower arrangement the perfect sustainable gift, also for yourself. #Self-love

For a long shelf life and enjoyment of the dried flowers, they should be particularly protected from moisture. Direct sunlight is also not good for them and can quickly fade the colors. In addition, small dried flowers such as delphinium are particularly sensitive and should therefore not be touched if possible. Every now and then you should carefully remove dust and lint from your dried flowers. For this it is enough if you shake it out very carefully.

Which vase is suitable for dried flowers?

The best vases for dried flowers are vases with a narrow neck, as the stems lose volume as they dry. The height of the vase is almost irrelevant, because you can simply shorten the dried flower stems with scissors.

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How to arrange dried flowers

Our dried flowers are delivered in bundles and are just waiting to be arranged by you. To do this, you first choose a suitable vase. We then recommend placing each stem individually in the vase and shortening it if necessary. It is best to start with the most voluminous flowers or grasses (e.g. pamaps grass or delphinium) and end with the smallest (e.g. lagurus). By placing the stems one after the other in the vase, you can best see where your arrangement is still lacking in abundance. We like the dried flowers when they are particularly fluffy and loosely arranged.

Store dried flowers

When you’ve had enough of your dried flowers at some point, don’t throw them away! Dried flowers can easily be stored in wrapping paper or a very large, sealed paper bag in a dry place. If you take them out after a while, you can just gently shake them up and rearrange them.

Decoration tips with dried flowers

Our Dried flower arrangements Not only do they look great in a vase, you can also use them as a base for many other dried flower decorations and DIYs. For example, you can use it to make great dried flower hair wreaths for weddings, dried flower hoops and home decorations. We have a great one to go with it DIY for a dried flower wall molding.

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