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Seasonal Calendar July –

Finally summer, and just as we smile all over our faces at this time of the year, so do the blossoms of many summer flowers to peak shapes. Discover which flowers bloom in July.

Seasonal Calendar July Bloomy Blog - Seasonal Calendar July -

What flowers bloom in July


One of our favorite flowers in July! Delphinium enchants us with its multitude of delicate flowers. We think that it looks particularly classy in blue. But with the delphinium, blue is not always blue! It comes in pale blue, sky blue, medium blue, violet blue, and certain varieties even bloom in white, purple, red, or yellow. Incidentally, it owes its name to a legend in which Saint George grew a blue flower from the spur of his boot during a dragon fight. Obviously, this flower was then called the delphinium. But not only the name is especially the symbolism. If you want to make sure that nothing happens to you or someone close to your heart, the best thing to do is to buy a large bouquet of delphinium. This symbolizes truthfulness and protection. So “safety first”!

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Delphinium in July
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Snapdragons in July


This July flower clearly has the cutest name. Snapdragons owe this to their flower shape. The petals are arranged in such a way that the flower looks like the open mouth of a lion as soon as you gently squeeze it sideways. But not only the shape of the flowers is striking, snapdragons are also quite tall plants with a growth height of up to 100 cm. Therefore, they look particularly great in tall or floor vases. Thanks to their wide range of colors, the white, yellow, orange, red, purple or pink flowers can be easily combined with almost any other cut flower. Whether with other flowers or as a pure snapdragon arrangement: They last particularly long in the vase if the vase water is changed daily and the stems are freshly cut. If you have snapdragons in the garden, it is also advisable to cut off a few stems regularly. Snapdragons grow very bushy. Through targeted thinning, new flower stalks can grow back again.


Do you fancy a little Latin excursion? The Latin word for bell is “Campana”. The botanical name Campanula, known to us as bellflower, was derived from this. Excursus ended. So you notice: Once again, the shape of the flower was decisive for the naming. In return, the bellflower is also a template for other names. The girl in the fairy tale “Rapunzel” was named after the Rapunzel bellflower. There, Rapunzel’s father stole several times for his pregnant wife the Rapunzel growing in the garden of a sorceress (Rapunzel bluebells were previously grown as a lettuce plant). When he was caught by the sorceress, he had to promise her his child as a punishment. There are also some wild bee species such as the bellflower sand bee or the small bellflower scissor bee, which owe their name to the campanula.

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Bellflower in July
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Rose in July


It is for sure the most famous flower in the world. There is probably hardly anyone who cannot name these flowers when he or she sees them. There are countless types of roses that have been grown as climbing roses, tree roses or shrub roses in a wide variety of colors, shapes and lengths. All in all, there are an unbelievable 30,000 rose varieties worldwide! This number alone makes it clear what significance roses have for people. Already in antiquity around 1,600 BC. In the 4th century BC the rose was called the queen of flowers. And in many other countries, too, roses were particularly popular in palace gardens. But not only their beauty has enchanted people for thousands of years, their scent has also quickly ensured that roses are used for perfume and medicine production. Incidentally, it was Charlemagne who brought roses to Germany in 800 AD. Thank you Karl that we have been able to decorate our gardens with roses since then!


In the past, dahlias were said to have a very short shelf life, which is why they were unfortunately rarely used as cut flowers. It all depends on the correct treatment when cutting! If the flower stalks are cut freshly dew and then supplied directly with water, dahlias keep for as long as roses or gerberas. Thanks to sophisticated harvesting and transport systems, gardeners are now in a position to supply the dahlias with water at all times and thus to deliver them fresh to the flower shops. That is why they can now be found more and more frequently in flower arrangements, table decorations and flower arrangements. If you were one of the lucky garden owners in Germany, you should definitely plant dahlias. Not only are these relatively easy to care for, the plants will also continually produce new flowers if you prune them regularly. This means that you will not only have a beautiful garden, but also living spaces full of flowers.

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Dahlia in July
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Eustoma in July


Eustoma, lisianthus or prairie gentian – this July flower goes by many names. It is called prairie gentian because of its North American ancestry. There it grows mainly in the dry river beds and in the prairie areas in Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado. The eustoma, which you probably know from our flower arrangements or from our flower subscription, does not come directly from the prairie, but has been brought about by Japanese gardeners through various crossings. As a result, they are now available in white, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange and even with multi-colored flowers. The shape of the flowers is similarly broad – after all, there are single and double flowers, large and small flowers and even those with fringed petals. So there is something for every taste!


This July flower is also a real eye-catcher! Gladioli belong to the iris family and are found mainly in southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Among the 200 species of wild gladioli, there are almost every color. The single-colored precious gladioli, the butterfly gladiolus or the baby gladiolus are usually used as cut flowers. By the way, gladioli bloom from the bottom up. If the top flowers are still closed, remove the dead flowers below and you will see that the top flowers will open within a few days!

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Gladiolus in July
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For some years now, Allium has been increasingly used in bouquets and arrangements. It’s hard to understand why this took so long – after all, this huge ball of flowers is the highlight of every flower bouquet! Conveniently, Allium actually grows all over the world. Most of the species are found in the northern hemisphere. Incidentally, allium is also called ornamental onion and, like its close relatives garlic and onion, is edible. At least in theory, because the purple flowers are clearly too good to eat!


The rose is actually called the queen of flowers, but to be honest, the lily is also a true queen. Her long stems and large flowers are really very impressive and a highlight in every flower arrangement. Their majestic appearance is probably also the reason why lilies were used as heraldic flowers by some kings.

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Lily in July

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