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After a mostly changeable April, we are looking forward to May and to the fact that nature will become greener and more colorful with the rising temperatures. In May there are, we think, particularly beautiful flowers.

What flowers bloom in May

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Lilacs in May


Lilac is probably the May flower with the most beautiful scent – it is not for nothing that lilac is even used in perfume production. But not only the scent is convincing, the beautiful long flower panicles of the lilac also ensure the great popularity of this garden and cut flower. By the way, lilac trees can get quite old. Scientists have already discovered lilac trees that probably date from the 16th or 17th centuries. If you want to cut lilac branches for the vase, it is best to do this in the early morning hours. For a longer shelf life in the vase, we recommend that you split the shoots with a sharp knife and then briefly immerse them in hot water – both of which increase the water absorption. You should also change the vase water every day and make sure that no petals are floating in the water.

Corn poppy

You probably know this bright red corn star from the garden or from field paths – there it blooms until the last days of September. Among the 100 different species worldwide there are also poppies in other colors such as orange-red, purple, pink and white. It is believed that poppies originated in Eurasia and North Africa. It can now be found all over the world. Incidentally, make-up and oil are made from poppy seeds.

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Corn poppies in May
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Levkoye in May


Another typical flower in May is the levkoye. Since it usually begins to bloom around Mother’s Day, it is even referred to as Mother’s Day flower in the Netherlands. Apart from that, Levkojen stand for beauty, happiness and a long life – that of course makes them an even more suitable Mother’s Day present, doesn’t it? Gardens and salons were adorned with white, yellow, pink and light purple flowers as early as the 16th century. The Levkoje does not come from here at all, but was brought to Central Europe from the Mediterranean region, more precisely from East Africa. It has arrived here not only as a cut flower, but also as a balcony and garden plant. Since their season lasts until September, you will definitely see them more often in summer.


The carnations are also part of the may flowers. This is the month in which their season begins, which lasts until autumn. Thanks to greenhouse cultivation, they are also available in the first few months of the year. As the name suggests, mustard carnations belong to the carnation family. Originally from the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, they have also been cultivated in Central Europe since the 16th century. In terms of symbolism, carnations stand for a noble character. So when you give carnations as a gift, you are giving a really nice compliment that comes from the heart.

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Mustard in May
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Iris in May


As with many other flowers, their name is derived from Greek mythology. Also known as the iris, the iris was named after the Greek messenger of the gods of the same name. The goddess had the task of bringing the souls of the deceased over a rainbow into the realm of eternal peace. Even today, graves in the Orient are decorated with white or blue irises. The iris is not only used as a grave ornament, but also for medical purposes. For example, essential oils can be made from their roots, which are used in cold teas or sweets, as they have an expectorant effect.


This flower owes its name to its heyday. Because around the weekend of Pentecost, most of the peonies are in full bloom. Their season starts at the end of April and ends in June. The golf ball-sized, closed peony flowers triple when they bloom – unfortunately they only bloom for a few days in the vase. It’s a shame, because peonies are particularly popular at weddings because of their large, double flowers. There they are not only included in the bridal bouquet, but also used as table decorations.

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Peony in May
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Dandelion is one of the edible plants and is often used in salads, juices, soups and teas. You don’t have to buy dandelions for this, you can simply collect them “in the wild”. It is recommended to look for the young plants from the end of April, preferably not in the heavily frequented city park, but rather in a place that is more untouched by humans and animals. Dandelion is particularly popular in homeopathy and naturopathy. There it is often used for digestive and metabolic disorders as well as for loss of appetite.

When does which flower bloom?

Do you want to know when tulips, daffodils and many other flowers bloom? Then take a look at the other months of the seasonal calendar.

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