10 brilliant wedding ideas that you don’t know yet

10 brilliant wedding ideas that you dont know yet - 10 brilliant wedding ideas that you don't know yet

Many bridal couples not only want a special wedding. It should stand out clearly from other weddings, offer something extraordinary and surprise the wedding guests. Let yourself be guided by your great passion or a hobby. it’s your wedding Everything is allowed there. You can make them as creative and crazy as you like. Your wedding concept does not have to fit into any scheme. We have collected 10 extraordinary wedding ideas for you, with which you are guaranteed to delight your wedding guests and ensure unforgettable memories.

Brilliant wedding idea: fairy lights in the sky

A successful lighting concept is particularly important for a breathtaking atmosphere. Warm, subdued light creates a romantic mood. A chain of lights above the wedding table also creates a stunning effect. The fine fairy lights are a great wedding idea and give your location something cozy. Your wedding guests will feel like they are dining under the stars. Fairylights also make a beautiful and casual addition to an elegant wedding setting.

Photo left: Christiane Baumgart Lovestories, photo right: Blu Dolci Artwork

Wedding photos with a difference: picnic photo shoot in the snow

Be creative with your wedding photos. You should enjoy moments for two at your wedding anyway. Why not a romantic picnic where the photographer plays mouse? This is a very romantic wedding idea. A rustic mountain wedding, for example, goes well with an enjoyable wedding picnic on the mountain pasture. You can take up the winter theme very nicely: As the newlyweds, you sit on a sled and on a piece of fur on the lovingly laid picnic blanket. With hearty and fruity delicacies, they enjoy their togetherness in the glittering snow and the warming sun.

Brilliant wedding idea: Wedding Phone as an audio guest book

Many guests have difficulties with the entry in a written guest book. Find meaningful or funny words and be a little creative. If only it were that easy. It’s much easier to just start talking about it. This is easy to do with an audio guest book. Hearing the congratulations of friends and relatives and the joy and love in their voices is more personal and touching than any handwritten entry.

10 brilliant wedding ideas that you dont know yet - 10 brilliant wedding ideas that you don't know yet
Photo: Wedding Phone

Cool wedding idea: tattoo station as a gift

If the bridal couple and many wedding guests are tattoo lovers, then setting up a tattoo station is a great idea. Your wedding guests can have a tattoo done by a professional on site. This is definitely a guest gift that will last forever. Perhaps the newlyweds would even like to do without wedding rings and have their initials tattooed on their ring fingers instead?

A graffiti for love: the sprayed guest book

Create your very own wedding day graffiti together with your wedding guests. Everyone can spray whatever comes to their mind or whatever they wish for your wedding. This is how a guest book in the form of a graffiti is created in a very unusual way. This is a super cool wedding idea. But use the right colors that you can wash out of your clothes.

Brilliant Wedding Idea: A Magic Mirror Photo Booth

We all know the classic photo booths by now. A really cool variant of this is a pompous mirror with a touchscreen and an integrated camera. This gives your wedding party a glamorous touch that is also great fun. The bridal couple receives the pictures digitally and the guests as usual by immediate printing. With most providers you can choose the photo frame yourself.

Wedding with Baby Gender Reveal

The wedding day is the day on which you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And it’s even nicer if you can already celebrate the beginning of a new life on this day: namely the upcoming birth of the child together. So it’s a sweet wedding idea to integrate the revealing of the baby’s gender into the wedding concept and as a program item. You can see how great this can be implemented in our blog article “Wedding with Baby Gender Reveal”.

Unique Birch twig wedding rings

If you want absolutely individual wedding rings, you can have wedding rings made of birch branches and cast in precious metal. If you want, you can blacken them out. Such extraordinary rings do not belong on a simple ring cushion. Instead, present them in a champagne glass bedded on white stones – a touch of absolute exclusivity.

Funny wedding idea: saying yes on the running track

If you are two passionate runners, then you can fully dedicate your vows to your great passion and make it your wedding motto. You start a running competition unmarried and cross the finish line married because you make a detour to the registry office in between. The bridal kiss takes place at the finish line and no one else has as many witnesses as you do.

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Photo: Elmar Brunner and organizer Reschensee.

Handy QR code for wedding information and photo gallery

There is a lot of information that is relevant for your guests: accommodation options, gift requests, parking options and much more. But your wedding invitation would be completely overflowing with it. If you have already created a wedding homepage at the beginning of your wedding planning, then it is easy to provide further information for your guests in this way. In order not to have to print a long, unsightly URL, it is an ingenious wedding idea to create a QR code with a QR code generator and integrate it into the wedding invitation.

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