34 must-do wedding photo ideas

34 must do wedding photo ideas - 34 must-do wedding photo ideas

All bridal couples say afterwards that the wedding day passed far too quickly. It is all the more important that the memories of this day are perfect and rich in detail. Make sure the wedding photographer doesn’t forget anything and provide them with a list of the must-have wedding photos you want. When creating the list, always think about your wedding photo book. For a varied and authentic design, detailed shots are worth their weight in gold. We have therefore created a collection of wedding photo ideas for you that you absolutely must imitate.

The wedding stationery

Be sure to bring your save-the-date cards and invitation cards to the wedding so your wedding photographer can take professional photos of it. Likewise, recordings of name tags, seating plans, welcome signs, etc. in your wedding album are also very good. These are all great wedding photo ideas. On the one hand they are relaxing elements and on the other hand they are beautiful detailed shots that are nice to look at.

Wedding Photo Idea: The Accessories

While the bride and groom are getting ready, there is enough time to arrange and photograph the shoes, earrings, hair clips or the shoes, bow tie and watch.

The beauty moments

Even if you still have a few curlers in your hair and haven’t finished your make-up yet, still have your picture taken. Getting Ready is an exciting moment for the bride and you will be happy later when you have footage of it.

The completion of the marriage vows

Do you still have a few ideas to perfect your wedding vows? Then feel free to have your picture taken as well. This is a beautiful wedding photo idea.

Photo shoot with the bride and groom

The bride and groom should also be staged separately for the wedding photos on their big day.

Photo: NeonWedding

Wedding Photo Idea: The Train

Yes, you will see the train as you move in and out. But let her take a picture in peace, if she is absolutely perfect and beautiful.

Wedding Photo Idea: The Veil

Let yourself consciously drape the veil nicely and be photographed like a model. This is how the veil really comes into its own.

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The bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet will of course be seen in many pictures. But it is also worth photographing it up close. Either you hold it in your arms yourself or the photographer positions it in a nice spot. For example, the bridal bouquet can be arranged together with the accessories.

The Wedding Signs

The wedding signs are also a beautiful wedding photo idea, because you have chosen them with great attention to detail. Pictures of these will look great in your wedding album.

Wedding Photo Idea: The Wedding Rings

There are many ways to stage the rings: on a pretty ring pillow, placed on the flowers of the bouquet, on a flower stalk and of course on the hand.

The first look with your groom

That moment when the groom sees you in your wedding dress for the first time is absolutely magical and a must-have wedding photo idea. Be sure to capture this moment. It is therefore advisable to stage the first look in peace and quiet with the photographer.

The first look with dad

The wedding photo idea of ​​doing a first look with the bride’s dad is also becoming increasingly popular. Believe us, this is a goosebumps moment that should also be enjoyed. Maybe your brother wants to be there too?

Wedding photo idea: authentic moments

Tell your photographer to take pictures of little whoops too. Because this usually results in hearty laughter, which makes the wedding day so special and honestly portrays it.

The bride and groom in front of the wedding arch

If you have already spent money on a pretty wedding arch, then definitely use it for your bridal couple photo shoot. These are recordings that are perfect for having a large wedding photo printed on canvas.

The wedding photos

Enjoy your bridal couple photo shoot extensively.

The Entry of the Bride

Even if you celebrate the first look separately, the bride’s arrival is always a very special moment that the photographer absolutely has to capture.

Wedding photo idea: the exchange of rings

Putting the wedding ring on the finger of the newlywed spouse is a very romantic moment.

More wedding photo ideas

The bridal kiss

The time has finally come: the yes word has been spoken and the rings have been exchanged. Now comes the long-awaited bridal kiss of the beaming couple. This is a wedding photo idea with pure emotion and love.

The exit of the bridal couple

The moving out of the bridal couple are the first steps as a married couple and an important wedding photo idea. Whether you’re walking through a trellis, through a shower of flowers or rice, or through dancing soap bubbles – you’ll feel like you’re floating with happiness. And these are absolutely unique shots for your wedding photo book.

The wedding and table decoration

A successful wedding decoration is incredibly important because without it there is no ambience. So she is definitely worth being immortalized in the wedding photos.

Wedding photo idea: the place decoration

Brides also invest a lot of love and time in the place decoration. After all, every wedding guest should feel comfortable and welcome. The pretty arrangement of menu card, colored cloth serviette, blossoms, candles and a delightful guest gift definitely needs to be documented as a detailed photograph.

The bridesmaids

You must have chosen dresses for your bridesmaids in a shade that perfectly matches the color of the stationery and flowers. So be sure to take photos of you and your bridesmaids. Plus, it’s a lot of fun with your best friends anyway.

family and friends

Group photos with friends and family are an absolute must-have when it comes to wedding photos.

The bridal car as a photo shoot accessory

Many bridal couples make a conscious decision to drive up on the wedding day in a really nice bridal car. This is an idea for eternity. Because this can also be perfectly staged for the photo shoot. With an extravagant bridal car as a photo shoot accessory, you can take classic, wonderfully creative and wonderfully romantic shots.

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Wedding Photo Idea: The Flower Children

The only ones who can “compete” a bride on her wedding day are the utterly adorable flower children. Make sure that the photographer also takes pictures of them and with you.

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The bride and groom at the wedding table

This is perhaps not always thought of. But believe us: It is an incredibly great wedding photo idea if you are photographed together with the table decorations that have not yet been touched.

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Wedding Photo Idea: The Sweet Table

The greatest temptation at any wedding is the sweet table. All the pretty tarts, cake pops and cup cakes are almost too pretty to eat. But since nobody can and shouldn’t resist, make sure to have the beautifully arranged sweets photographed beforehand.

The wedding cake

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a magnificent multi-tiered cake or a pretty 2-tiered tart, the masterpiece should definitely be photographed before it is cut.

The wedding party

The mood at the wedding can be perfectly captured on the dance floor and at the bar.

Wedding Photo Idea: The Bridal Dance

A tip for the bridal dance: When the wedding guests form a circle around you and hold splash lights in their hands, it creates an indescribably beautiful ambience that you will never forget.

Cutting the wedding cake

By the way: the person whose hand is over the spouse’s hand when cutting the wedding cake is said to be in charge of the marriage.

Special decorative elements

Extraordinary decorative elements are always a good idea for a wedding photo. For example, if you have had cool neon lettering made, then you should definitely immortalize it on your wedding photos.

Wedding Photo Idea: The Sunset

Are you lucky enough to experience a beautiful sunset and there are no other items on the agenda at the moment? Then grab your wedding photographer for wonderfully atmospheric shots.

The firework

It’s perfect when a pro can also capture the fireworks.

Don’t forget it, pin it!

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