5 important tips for creating

Would you like to create a photo book with wedding photos? We’ll tell you five important tips for creating it. We look back fondly on the day of our wedding. It was very beautiful, but also literally passed by in a flash. The wedding day had barely come when it was over again. What remains are many great memories, and in the best case many great photos. You can then use this for your photo book with wedding photos.

5 tips for creating the photo book

In our blog, we have already introduced you to 5 mistakes that you should avoid when creating your wedding album. In this post we will introduce you to five important tips for creating your photo book with wedding photos that you should also consider.

5 important tips for creating - 5 important tips for creating

Use ready-made designs as a basis

The creation of a photo book with wedding photos is absolutely not difficult and can be done in a short time. Depending on the provider, there are often ready-made designs that you can use as a basis. Of course, you can still personalize the designs. Simply use your own texts and photos.

Ready-made grids are also often available for the inside pages. Select how many photos you want to add for a page. You will then be shown various suggestions as to how the desired number of photos can be printed. Then just add the photos to the page and you’re done.

Refine your photo book cover

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a photo book with wedding photos or photos from your last vacation. If you want something special for your cover, then use a finish. You can create a great eye-catcher with a special gold foil, rose gold foil, silver foil or relief varnish. We used this for the last vacation photo book, for example.

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The refined part not only shimmers really great, but is also slightly raised, which makes for a great feel. Depending on the selected design, you can even personalize the refined part with your own texts.

Leave some pages blank

Don’t necessarily add photos to every page, leave some pages blank. For example, if your photographer takes a photo of you getting ready, reading your wedding vows again, you could stick it on the opposite page.

You can do this with other things as well. Leave space for your save-the-date card, your daily routine or other things that are a great memory of the wedding day in addition to the pure photos. You could also add your own text on the free pages, for example the wedding speech.

Uses a lay-flat binding

There are different ways of connecting the individual pages of a photo book. Surely you know the typical book fold in the middle of two pages when paperbacks are open. While this book fold doesn’t bother you at all, it can be different with some wedding photos. In the following photo, for example, we show you a photo book with photos from our last vacation. We ordered this photo book as a digital print with a typical book fold. When creating the book, we made sure that the photos on the individual pages did not extend beyond the center.

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However, if you want to show a panorama photo on a double page, this can of course also be done with a typical book fold. However, it looks a lot nicer with a special lay-flat binding. Here the binding is built in such a way that there is nothing disturbing in the middle, so that you can use the entire area for photos without any problems.

For example, on the following photo you can see the town hall of our hometown, in which the registry office is located. It is shown as a panorama with a small group of around 30 people in the middle.

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Tell a story with the photos

If you fill the individual pages of the wedding photo book with photos, then try to tell a story with the photos. Don’t just throw your photos together, but pay attention to the appropriate timing. Starts with Getting Ready in the morning, followed by the drive to the wedding ceremony. Shows the first look, emotional moments of the wedding and how you then leave the church, for example.

You can also use the photos to tell a story at the wedding reception. First shows photos of the reception, the speeches that followed, the cutting of the wedding cake, the party and of course the wedding bouquet.

Photos of certain details are also very nice. By this we mean photos of your stationery, the rings, the table decorations and everything else that goes with the day of your wedding.

Your own photo book with wedding photos

If you take into account our five tips for creating your photo book with wedding photos and also avoid these mistakes for your wedding album, then you definitely have a really great book. We always bring out our own photo book with wedding photos. Our two children in particular think it’s great to look at the photos of our wedding.

You can also order your own photo book from sendmoments. There are not only ready-made designs or the possibility to refine the cover, but also a lay-flat binding is offered. If you order from sendmoments by 09/20/2021, you can use the discount code

5 important tips for creating - 5 important tips for creating
save 30% on your order. The code is valid for the entire range, not just for photo books. You can also use the discount code for your wedding invitations, picture boxes or wall pictures.

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