7 types of wedding hairstyles & the latest hairstyle trends for 2021

the Wedding hairstyle is without a doubt one of the most important decisions a bride makes. The advice of a stylist can be key when you’re not between two Bridal hairstyles can decide. In addition to the different wedding hairstyles, ask yourself Ela von Sternenauge still the latest trends in wedding hairstyles for 2021 and surprise you at the end of the article with a Step-by-step instructions for a wedding hairstyle!

We introduce you to these types of wedding hairstyles:

It is one of the most elegant and yet simplest bridal hairstyles. The idea behind this hairstyle is not to attract attention because of the bun does not push itself to the fore. It goes perfectly with any type of dress and won’t steal the show. For hairstyles like the bun, you can choose large or eye-catching earrings that put your face gracefully flatter will. Especially teardrop-shaped earrings with a precious stone will complete this look.

Our tip: A very Recommended wedding hairstyle for oval faces. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

Headdresses and hair accessories are no longer just for wedding guests. On the contrary, more and more brides are wearing them Hair accessoriesto her look that certain something to rent. The hairstyle itself is still the easy part. It only becomes difficult when you have to choose from all the variety of headdress options.

Our tip: You can create a particularly feminine look in the combination of one Low bun and one floral applique. The combination looks more elegant if you loosen up the bun a little.

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If you liked the previous option but was a little too perfect, we have a solution that will inspire you: The braided messy bun! It’s about forming a bun out of the braid and then loosening it up. The great appeal of this hairstyle is hers casual and elegant appearance – the properly laid base works through the loose strands still more playful and more feminine. A seemingly natural finish. As a final touch, you can also work a wreath of flowers into the hairstyle.

Our tip: Particularly favors brides with harder face shapes such as elongated or square faces.

  • Trendy Braided hairstyle: the crown

Among the most popular Wedding hairstyles belong Braids with a plaited crown. The bride still wears her own hair, but she’s probably never worn it like this. In this case it will one out of two hairstyles: The top hair becomes a crown, braided from the bride’s hair, and the remainder of the hair becomes one to settle and yet lovely, loose braid bound. A special one unusual effect is created when the braided braid is tied on one side. If you want to spice up this beautiful hairstyle, you can work in a minimalist floral wreath. The result couldn’t be better!

Our tip: Many brides or wedding guests think that one Dress with a low back neckline can only be combined with a jacket or blazer. But there is a better solution: This bridal hairstyle is the proof that you can wear a flattering hairstyle even with a low back neckline and that your outfit will be even more effective.

  • Casual Braided hairstyles with ornament

If you want to give the classic braid a chance, you should definitely decorate it and take it off loose strands weave. The intertwining of delicate, small flowers or leaves in your own hair promises one elegant, sophisticated and special wedding hairstyle.

Our tip: This hairstyle is the perfect choice for brides with strong hair and lots of volumewho want to make sure that their look fits all day. Also, this hairstyle is a real one flattering option for dresses with pronounced back openings.

Wedding hairstyles with curls

  • Relaxed bound and wavy

the elegance one low ponytail never goes out of style. If you have a luscious mane, you should definitely try a low ponytail.

Our tip: Around Wedding hairstyle We recommend making it even more graceful waves in addition Ponytail. It is the easiest hairstyle in the world and yet you will not be able to overlook its effect. What also looks great is when you add one to your hair Wreath of wild flowers adorns.

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Who said you had to have a braid or an updo to shine at your wedding? This rule has long ceased to apply. If you prefer to wear your hair down, don’t let that stop you. Brides can join too open hair be attractiveas long as these have been trimmed for the occasion.

Our tip: If you Hair accessories love, this is the best option to add it to your loose hair to combine.

For the perfect day, every bride puts a lot of thought into her own look. the Wedding hairstyle and the Make up are essential parts of the bride’s styling. the Hair & make-up artist and Jewelry designer Ela von Sternenauge share your expert opinion with us Trendy hairstyles for 2021:

As many small celebrations and sustainable weddings always more becoming fashionable, too, are the hairstyles natural and easy be.
    • Half-open hairstyles with waves or braided elements go very well with romantic brides and wedding dresses in Vintage style
    • Loose braided hairstyles which also easily in the Messy style go go very well with Boho wedding dresses
    • the russian inspired updos, very loose and individual strands emphasized will stay safe and go with all styles, but especially with elegant, delicate wedding dresses
    • even Messy updos stay and are a highlight for Boho brides
    • the hairstyles will be with Hair wreaths, hairpins and crowns stressed. I think veils will be less fashionable.

Step-by-step instructions for a bridal hairstyle

For all brides who own theirs Want to do your own hairstyle, introduce yourself Ela still a Step-by-step instructions to disposal! Have fun copying!

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