Amaranth (Foxtail)

Amaranth is also called foxtail and looks particularly beautiful in the vase with its purple flowers. Here you get more information.

Botanical name: Amaranthus caudatus

Genus: Amaranth

Plant family: Foxtail family (bot. Amaranthaceae)

Occurrence: Temperate zones of Central America

Amaranth is also called Inca wheat and originally comes from the warmer areas of Central America, especially from the Andes region. In the 18th century the plant came to Europe, where today we know it more as a garden plant. Since Inca wheat originates from temperate climates, it is very sensitive to cold and does not tolerate frost. The foxtail is an annual plant and the flowering period is between June and October. The flowers of the foxtail are characterized by their purple, sometimes also yellow color and their pendulous inflorescences – this is why it is often called the pendulous foxtail.

We often know amaranth from the supermarket shelves, because the grain-like grains of the plant contain many valuable nutrients and are also gluten-free. Already thousands of years ago, the amaranth grains were an important part of the diet of the Inca, Maya and Aztecs. Nowadays, the grains are particularly popular with vegans and athletes because they are good sources of protein. The amaranth can also be used as a cut flower and is a unique eye-catcher in every vase with its long and very decorative inflorescences.

Amaranth not only looks good fresh, the flowers can also be dried very easily and retain their beautiful purple color for a long time.

Fun fact: The botanical name “Amaranthus” comes from the Greek and is made up of 2 words. “Amarino” does not mean wither and “anthos” refers to the flower.

Care tips for amaranth

The amaranth is very easy to care for. A fresh cut after delivery and fresh water every 2-3 days and you will enjoy the flowers for a long time. By the way, the flowers are also perfect for drying.

Amaranth Foxtail Bloomy Blog - Amaranth (Foxtail)

Catch The Fox Bloomy Blog - Amaranth (Foxtail)

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