Bloomy Valentine’s Day 2021 –

New Year – New Valentine’s Day! Yes, the day of the lovers is just around the corner. Some celebrate it happily with their partner, others throw themselves into bed with a large pack of ice cream and watch “Bridget Jones”. No matter how you spend this Valentine’s Day in the still crazy year 2021: Make yourself comfortable and buy flowers either yourself or your favorite person. Because flowers make a lot better!

Bloomy Valentines Day 2021 Bloomy Blog - Bloomy Valentine's Day 2021 -

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Perfect for just staying in bed and doing one thing or the other! How you want to interpret “the one” is of course up to you … Whether you enjoy intimate togetherness with your partner or throw a party alone – everything is allowed. That’s why we renamed Valentine’s Day “Make Love Day” this year. So make love with whoever and how you want – the main thing is that you just enjoy Sunday in bed. What should of course not be missing on this occasion: flowers! Order our flower arrangements either as an invitation for the perfect bed Sunday on Saturday or as a thank you on Monday. If you should spend Valentine’s Day alone: ​​Treat yourself to flowers, because we all deserve them! Whether in a relationship or as a single. If you pass the time on dating apps, you can also take beautiful photos of you and your flowery arrangement. So your future date knows immediately which flowers he or she can bring to the first meeting. Win-win situation!

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For more inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2021, we have again created a great info graphic. This should help you get in the right mood. Brand new and for the first time at Bloomy Days: a Spotify playlist! In this we have collected tracks that turn bed Sunday into a party. In addition to two or three very sappy songs, you will find poppy songs that make the bed shake. In order to shorten the waiting time for Valentine’s Day, we are starting a small Make Love Day competition marathon with the support of a few great cooperation partners. We are giving away the perfect companions for bed Sunday on our social media channels. It’s worth taking part!

Bloomy Valentines Day 2021 Bloomy Blog - Bloomy Valentine's Day 2021 -

In addition to great competitions, romantic info graphics and an inviting Spotify playlist, we have new bundles in our shop: With “Love is in the Air” and “Full of Love” you can score points with everyone. The three heart-shaped helium balloons supplied provide additional romance and last up to two weeks! So give away a little “up” feeling in addition to great flowers. If you haven’t seen this fantastic Pixar classic, you can catch up on Valentine’s Day. It is worth it!

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