You can find these botanical ingredients in BOTANICALS Fresh Care shampoos, conditioners, masks and other exciting products. And best of all: they do not require any silicones, parabens or dyes!

Coriander: Coriander is probably an old friend from the kitchen, but this herb can do even more. Coriander was already used as a remedy in ancient times and gives our sensitive hair an extra portion of strength in the BOTANICALS Fresh Care products. As a strength cure, the series is not only easy and still nourishing, but will also give you energy for body and mind with its fresh scent!

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Safflower blossom: sounds like saffron? Almost, because the safflower flower is also known as safflower or false saffron. While red and yellow dyes are obtained from their flowers, it is especially the oil-containing safflower seeds that, thanks to green technologies, find their way into the BOTANICALS Fresh Care range as nourishing oils and nourish our hair!

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Geranium: As a garden or balcony flower in pink tones, we probably all know the geranium. But what do geraniums, or pelargoniums, do in our hair care? Together with an active ingredient complex of soy and coconut oil, the geranium oil of the BOTANICALS Fresh Care range gives a lot of moisture and provides extra color shine. In addition, the floral scent is simply irresistible!

Camelina: The camelina is also known as the camelina. While other types of this herbaceous plant are seen as weeds, the golden camelina oil was valued for its healing powers, especially in the Orient. In the BOTANICALS Fresh Care products it “heals” our unruly hair and gives it a lot of silkiness.
By the way: The flowers of the Camelina bloom from May to July as racemose inflorescences, mostly in shades of yellow.

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And for an all-round botanical way of life? Can you use your empty BOTANICALS Fresh Care packaging – which, by the way, are made of recycled plastic! – Breathe a second life as individual flower vases. You can find the DIY in the BOTANICALS Fresh Care magazine “The Botanical Way”.

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