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For the most beautiful day in a couple’s life, it should be the most beautiful bridal bouquet. A wedding would be unthinkable without him. Of course, first and foremost, beautiful is what pleases! In this article, we would like to briefly show you what trends there are in 2016 and what alternatives there are to the classic bouquet of roses.

Bridal Bouquet Trends 2016 Bloomy Blog - Bridal Bouquet Trends 2016 -

Color trends for the bridal bouquet

Red has always been the color of love. So it’s no wonder that it is also relevant for the bridal bouquet this year. However, the red tones seem to match the season. In spring, the pastel-colored pink to light red nuances are in the foreground, which are often combined with white to appear a little more delicate. In summer, the bright red dominates, creating a strong contrast to the bridal bouquet and the groom’s suit. In autumn, warm and muted red tones appear, which are often combined with orange and yellow. At the end of the year you stick to the warm red and choose a rich green or white accessory.

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Bouquets like from the garden

Freshly picked bouquets in the garden could also be the bridal bouquets this year. That is why the focus in 2016 is mainly on the flowers of the respective season. At the beginning of the year, next to delicate lilacs and fragrant hyacinths, spherical ranunculus flowers stick their heads out of the bridal bouquet. Some cherry blossom branches provide even more lightness. The latter can also be used as table decorations. At the beginning of summer, peasant and peonies are booming. It is best to combine white, pink and red varieties. The huge flower balloons of hydrangeas have a noble yet down-to-earth effect. They can also be made into festive garlands and wreaths. With its hanging flower clusters, the wisteria brings looseness to these arrangements. Even single hydrangea or snowball flowers look very harmonious as table decorations.

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The closer you get to harvest time in the garden, the more fruits are used as accessories. In autumn, classic chrysanthemums look particularly extravagant when they are tied in the same bouquet with ornamental grasses, blackberries and grapevines. Even ornamental cabbage can be used, provided it has a harmonious color. The outer leaves are removed so that it can hardly be distinguished from roses. So you can play around with the size and shape. As table decorations, flower arrangements are in great demand at this time of year, which draw the eye of the beholder with dried artichokes, lotus blossoms, paired with freshly cut Strelitzia or dahlias. Pillar candles in warm colors complete the table decorations. As in your own four walls, the amaryllis comes to life in winter. Orchids are also perfect for the winter bridal bouquet. The bouquet can be completed with evergreens such as ivy, pine and box. Spices can also be used for table decorations – they stimulate the senses.

Arouse curiosity about the bridal bouquet at the invitation

If you think about the bridal bouquet at an early stage, you can adapt the presentation of the invitation cards to the same. For example, individual dried flowers of a type in the bridal bouquet can be glued on. Recorded tendrils create a connection to the invitation text. Then a coherent overall picture emerges later. And even if only one of the female attendees can catch the bridal bouquet, each guest retains a small piece of their memory.

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