Color Your Life: Fresh cut flowers from BLOOMY DAYS
Most of the year we are pampered with invigorating colors and scents that have a positive effect on our physical and mental state. In winter, however, when everything outside is gray and bland, we lack this good mood booster.

Our recipe for a summer mood in winter? Colorful cut flowers from BLOOMY DAYS!

Color your life

We miss the warm rays of the sun most of all in the dark winter. A bouquet of yellow cut flowers is therefore a great mood-enhancer, because the color yellow is associated with the sun and light. But yellow also stands for alertness, creativity and a quick mind.

Pink flowers are an absolute eye-catcher and set accents in the vase. Pink radiates freshness and creativity. The color pink, on the other hand, is a little more reserved. This shade is associated with optimism and liveliness.


Do you feel weak and powerless? A bouquet of red flowers will get you going again. Red symbolizes joie de vivre, energy and warmth. One look at this color actually increases our energy level, because red stimulates all processes in the body and stimulates metabolic activities.

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With our flower subscription you can regularly have beautiful flowers delivered directly to your home. You have the option of having the seasonal cut flowers delivered weekly, every two weeks or once a month. Easily bring fresh flowers into your home without having to go to a flower shop and choose whatever the weather. Discover the flower delivery from BLOOMY DAYS. Do you also know the constant search for the perfect gift? At Bloomy Days you will find the right flower gift for every occasion. Send wishes for recovery to a sick person, say “Thank you” for special help or express your love in a romantic, flowery way. But also as a present for a wedding, a birthday or a holiday like Christmas or Easter, our bouquets are a welcome and loving gift. Our bouquets conjure up more than just a smile on the recipient’s face – they will be remembered and make the moment a very special one! We are always looking for new, stylish and modern flower creations, which we send to the recipient in a protected and elegant packaging.

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