Cut flower care for early bloomers –

Cut flower care for early bloomers
When winter draws to a close and the snow has thawed, the first signs of spring slowly appear – the early bloomers. Spring flowers enchant with their bright blossoms and mostly intense fragrance.

Every flower – be it a tulip or a lily – wants to look its most beautiful and bloom in full splendor. We give you a 7-day freshness guarantee on our flowers. In order to enjoy the cut flowers for a long time after delivery, we recommend that you do not just unpack the flowers and put them in the water. With a few small movements you can bring joy to yourself and the flowers for a longer period of time.

Cut flower care for early bloomers

In order to enjoy the spring flowers for a long time, you should pay attention to a few points when caring for them.
All early bloomers have a high fluid requirement – the vase should therefore always be filled with sufficient fresh water. The daily water change combined with a fresh cut makes the spring flowers long-lasting.

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Not all early bloomers get along in the same vase: daffodils and hyacinths excrete a white liquid that can make it difficult for other flowers to survive. So let these flowers stand in a separate vase for a few hours until they have lost most of the liquid. You can then combine them with other varieties.

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In general, cut flowers should be placed in lukewarm water that is low in oxygen and lime – a splash of vinegar or lemon juice will help if the water is lime. In the vase, the leaves of the flowers should not come into contact with the water, as they quickly begin to rot and the water quality deteriorates considerably. The water should be changed every day or two. If you also add fresh flowers to the water, which, by the way, is available free of charge with every flower delivery in our online flower delivery service, this prevents the formation of bacteria and gives the flowers the necessary nutrients. The flowers will thank you and shine even longer. Here you can also find out more about our flowers of the week. Here is the complete instruction video to help you keep your cut flowers fresher longer.

Enjoy the first days of spring!

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