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Delphinium is a very popular garden flower and bouquet. Find out more information about Delphinium here.

Botanical name: Delphinium

Genus: Larkspurs

Plant family: Buttercup family (bot. Ranuncuaceae)

Occurrence: temperate zones of Eurasia and North America
The knight spurs (bot. Delphinium) are a genus of plants from the buttercup family (bot. Ranuncuaceae). The approximately 300 to 350 species of Delphinium are mainly found in the temperate zones of Eurasia and North America. In addition, few species occur in the mountainous regions of Central Africa. The majestic delphinium is the pride of every gardener, but the blue giants also look great in the vase. The most common species of delphinium that grows in the wild is the field delphinium. It bears its purple flowers in a terminal cluster. We also differentiate between different cultivated species that have blue, red and white flowers. The field knight spur grows on roadsides and fields in central and southern Europe and has unfortunately become rare. The delphinium got its German name because of its long flower spur. Other names were Hornkümmel, Lerchenklau, Adebarsnibben and Kreienfot. The name Delphinium comes from the Greek and is supposed to indicate the similarity between the delphinium flower and the dolphin.

Care tips for delphiniums

The delphinium can become very poisonous when consumed. Therefore, it would be advisable to keep it away from young children and pets. There is no danger from cutting, looking beautiful and giving pleasure. Please just make sure that nobody gets it between the gills.

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Delphinium delphinium Bloomy Blog - Delphinium (delphinium) -

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