DIY: Summery fringe of hair –

DIY: Summery fringe of hair -

The days are long, the temperatures are rising and people are in a good mood: That sounds like summer! One would like to move every activity outside to catch every possible ray of sunshine. What should not be missing, of course, are the flowers! You can easily do this DIY alone or together with your friends. You can use our summer hairline for various activities. Summer photo shoot? No problem! Summer picnic with (of course a limited number of) friends? Definitely! Still want to revive the festival feeling this year? Couch-ella- here we come!

With these three simple steps you can create your own floral hairline.

DIY Summery fringe of hair - DIY: Summery fringe of hair -

The materials:

  • Flowers (we used our bloomy arrangement “Old School chic” for this)
  • a scissors
  • thin & thick wire
  • FlowerTape
  • Cord in the color of your choice

Step 1

You bend the thicker wire so that it fits snugly around your head. Then you wrap it with FlowerTape – this is green self-adhesive masking tape.

Step 2

Now it’s time to snap, snap off the flowers! Make sure, however, that the stem is still long enough after cutting so that you can easily attach it to the bent wire. Lay out flower after flower – the stems all point in the same direction – and wrap the thin wire around them.

Step 3

Finally, tie a piece of string to both ends of the thick wire. So you can better adapt the hairline to your head size and even give it away as a gift.

The summer hairline is ready! The photo session, the picnic in the park or the mini-event can come. There are of course no limits to the design of the hairline. If you share the procurement of flowers with your friends, you can also play with different flower sizes. We are definitely looking forward to your implementation. Feel free to link us on Instagram or send us your creation via Facebook!

1632801100 499 DIY Summery fringe of hair - DIY: Summery fringe of hair -
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DIY Summery fringe of hair - DIY: Summery fringe of hair -

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