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Vintage – a style that is still in trend towards the end of the year. But what makes this trend so special? We’ll tell you! It works in every season. In summer it is an indispensable part of any wedding and in winter it gives you the feeling of warmth and romance. Exactly the right thing if you had a long day at work, the train failed again and your gloves couldn’t save the moment. There is nothing better than coming home and lying on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a cozy blanket surrounded by warm glowing candles. All of this is already true – but the following vintage decoration is definitely still missing on your walls, it gives the cozy atmosphere the finishing touch.

Whether in the bedroom or living room – our DIY flower rings beautify each of your walls and are quick to make. With the eucalyptus, which screams vintage, you make the look perfect.

DIY Vintage Flower Ring Bloomy Blog - DIY: Vintage Flower Ring -

For the first variant you will need the following materials:

  • Metal ring
  • wire
  • scissors
  • Thread for hanging
  • eucalyptus
  • Chrysanthemums

Step 1

First, you cut your chosen flowers. Make sure that you leave a good two to three centimeters of stems from the chrysanthemums. This will make wrapping easier for you later. Next you put the accessories in the desired position on the ring. As soon as you have found a nice arrangement, you wrap the whole thing with a bright wire.

step 2

In the next step you put the chrysanthemums and the eucalyptus on the ring and wrap them again with the wire so that they sit firmly and nothing can fall off.

step 3

1633004488 18 DIY Vintage Flower Ring Bloomy Blog - DIY: Vintage Flower Ring -

Finally, attach the hanging cord to the opposite arch of the ring with a knot and cut it to the desired length.

1633004488 133 DIY Vintage Flower Ring Bloomy Blog - DIY: Vintage Flower Ring -

Now you can hang the finished ring in a suitable place in your home. You are also very welcome to share your finished workpieces and link us to Instagram. We are very excited about the many winter flower rings that will reach us! And now: Have fun copying!
Tip: here you can find a DIY for another colorful flower ring.

By the way, you get in our Online shop beautiful Bouquets of flowers and dried flowers such as eucalyptus. You can then easily take some stems from our arrangements and use them for our flower ring.

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