Dos and don’ts with bridal shoes: You have to pay attention to this

Dos and donts with bridal shoes You have to pay - Dos and don'ts with bridal shoes: You have to pay attention to this

It is one of the most beautiful and exciting moments for every bride and groom – the moment when she walks proudly and dignified from the church door to the altar. These steps are sure to succeed effortlessly with the right bridal shoes. But what makes a perfect bridal shoe? Of course, the shoes have to look great and match the dress. They also have to be comfortable, because the bride not only has to walk in them all day, but also dance half the night in them. What do you have to consider when buying bridal shoes? In this article you will find valuable dos and don’ts for bridal shoes.

When and where does the wedding take place?

Will the wedding take place in the traditional church, will it be a romantic wedding on the beach or in a castle park? Will it be a summer bride or a winter bride? These things play a huge role in choosing which wedding shoes to choose. Sandals or peep-toes are out of the question in winter, and with heels that are too high, the bride runs the risk of sinking into the grass or sand at an outdoor wedding.

Whether summer or winter, whether church or palm beach – the shoes should be made of high quality material. The bride will sweat quickly in synthetic shoes at any time of the year, so leather or satin should be the first choice. Satin bridal shoes also have the advantage that they can be dyed after the wedding and worn on other occasions.

Dos and donts with bridal shoes You have to pay - Dos and don'ts with bridal shoes: You have to pay attention to this
Open bridal shoes are beautiful, but they can put a lot of stress on your feet. Photo: pixabay © com Brittywin (CCO Creative Commons)

Dos and don’ts of bridal shoes: how tall should they be?

There can be no general answer to this. The height of the heel depends on personal taste, living conditions and possibly also on the size of the groom. Anyone who frequently wears high-heeled pumps in everyday life will certainly use them on the wedding day and have no problems with them. A woman who usually wears sporty, comfortable shoes in everyday life could feel uncomfortable on too high heels. Bridal shoes don’t necessarily have to be high-heeled. Depending on the dress and the rest of the outfit, flat pumps, ballerinas or sandals can also look very attractive. The selection is huge, so every bride is guaranteed to find the ideal bridal shoes.

Which bridal shoes go with which dress?

Other dos and don’ts with bridal shoes revolve around the shape and cut. Round or pointed, open or closed? Pumps, sandals or do you prefer peep toes? Here, too, the taste of the bride decides primarily. Still, there are a few guidelines brides should keep in mind when choosing the right shoe. For example, if you opt for a skin-tight dress in the so-called “sheath look”, you should not choose very long, pointed bridal shoes. These would draw too much attention to the shoes and thus away from the dress. A shoe with a rounded toe is a better choice here. High pumps go best with a mermaid-style dress – so the bride can show off her great figure even better. Classic A-line wedding dresses are complemented very well with filigree half-height satin pumps. Brides who choose a pompous princess dress with a tulle skirt and long train have practically no choice when it comes to bridal shoes. All bridal shoes go well with this, and the footwear is hardly visible anyway due to the long cut of the dress.

What colors are bridal shoes?

Just like classic wedding dresses, classic bridal shoes are mainly to be found in white, cream or ivory. But why not be brave and set an accent? More and more brides are opting for a splash of color with a white dress – a shoe in royal blue, red or pink. But also a subtle contrast like a gray or metallic-colored shoe can look wonderful with a light dress and is a great eye-catcher. Dos and don’ts regardless – whatever the color of the bridal shoes is allowed.

1632442187 262 Dos and donts with bridal shoes You have to pay - Dos and don'ts with bridal shoes: You have to pay attention to this
A colored bridal shoe is a real eye catcher. Photo: pixabay © com thetruthpreneur (CCO Creative Commons)

The perfect bridal shoe – high quality, elegant and comfortable

So that the walk to the altar does not become a stumbling block and the best day in life does not end with aching blisters, special care must be taken when choosing the bridal shoes. This means that the shoes not only have to look elegant and match the wedding dress perfectly. The bride must also be able to move around in them without problems and pain-free, because the best day in life is often the longest and requires more “footwork” than an ordinary day. That’s why brides shouldn’t save in the wrong place here, but rather invest a few euros more in shoes made of a high-quality material with good soles and interior workmanship.

In contrast to “normal” shoes, bridal shoes are equipped with gel cushions and insoles that softly bed the foot and provide additional comfort. Very important: The bridal shoes must never be worn for the first time on the wedding day. They should definitely be run in beforehand until the bride is sure that she can walk in the shoes without any problems. In order not to stain the shoes, this should be done at home. If the shoes are to be widened a bit, thick socks can be useful. If you have particularly sensitive feet and fear difficulties, you would be well advised to take comfortable change shoes with you in case of an emergency, which you can slip into at an advanced hour.

This is how bridal shoes are unique

Many brides love to use simple tricks to give their shoes a personal touch and create a lasting memory of their big day. For example, small “I do” stickers that are glued to the sole and make every bridal shoe an eye-catcher are very popular. Bridal shoes can also be used very well for customs and traditions. A popular wedding custom is to add a saying or a dedication to the sole. If after a night of dancing nothing more of the scriptures can be seen, it means that it will be a long and happy marriage.

A tip as an alternative to throwing the bridal bouquet: The names of the still unmarried female guests are written on the soles of the bridal shoes. The woman whose name is still legible the next day becomes the next bride.

Dos and don’ts with bridal shoes: think about the pedicure

Last, but not least: Even the most beautiful and elegant bridal shoe cannot look good if it has a neglected foot in it. That’s why every bride should treat herself to an extra helping of foot care before the big day. She can do this herself, perhaps with the help of a good friend, or take advantage of a professional pedicure in a beauty salon. It should go without saying that an SOS kit with blister plasters, foot deodorant, etc. should also be part of the basic equipment on the wedding day. Now nothing stands in the way of a perfect wedding day and a lavish party night!

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