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Our current BLOOMEN of the week “Easter Rising” combine a contrasting play of colors, Easter freshness and rustic joie de vivre: The three characterful BLOOMEN anemone, narcissus and chestnut make our bouquet a real experience this week!

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In our BLOOMEN of the week, this time we have the daffodil, or daffodil, included. The daffodil is an onion plant, the bulb of which forms a wonderfully shining flower every year. Although the daffodils originally come from the southern part of Europe, today they are mainly grown in Holland. In the so-called “Bollenstreek”, literally the “bulb region”, hundreds of daffodil fields in yellow, white and orange bloom from March to May. We decided on the classic yellow variant, the flowers of which shine like stars in this bouquet. Thanks to its regal appearance, the daffodil is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture and is also highly valued in other cultures. According to legend, it got its name from Narcissus, a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection. The bowed neck of the daffodil represents the young man leaning over a lake to admire his own reflection and the beautiful flower his head. Allegedly, he froze with self-love and turned into a daffodil.

It is in strong red anemone a contrasting counterpart to the daffodil. Native to southern Europe and Asia, the anemone is a species of the anemone genus, of which there are more than 120 species. The anemone is extremely easy to care for. The flower says nothing less than “I would like to be with you” and therefore stands for honesty and care. This soft character is reflected in its delicacy and its feather-light flowers. Hence it got its name, because the Greek word “Anemos” means “wind”.

The powerful stabilizing component in this bouquet is that chestnut (Castanea). It is a beech family (Fagaceae) and is often planted as a tree of life or a wedding tree. That is why the chestnut is also known as a universal companion or common companion. The chestnut symbolizes openness and confidence in life and nature. In this bouquet, the chestnut acts as the perfect link to complement its yellow and red companions.

Our vase recommendation for “Easter Rising

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Easter Rising”!

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