Fairytale Garden


Our bouquet for the “Fairytale Garden” table vase with delicate Inca lilies, elegant eustoma and cheerful yellow Solidago exudes the feeling of being on a wonderful meadow and makes us dream of stories from the fairy tale book. What fairy tale do you think of when you see the combination?

You can get the short-stemmed flowers from us until September 26, 2016. Order or change your subscription By Thursday, September 22nd, 2016, choose the delivery date September 26th, 2016 at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

Inca lilies, or also known by their botanical name Alstroemerias, are one of the most popular cut flowers and impress with their delicate beauty and clear elegance. They come from South America and symbolize devotion. You can find more information and care instructions here.

the Eustoma is a dainty, narrow flower with delicate, filigree flowers. It originally comes from North America and is particularly native there in dry river beds in the desert and in prairie areas, where it is also known as the prairie gentian. Hence an American beauty whose triumphant advance only began in Japan. It was Japanese gardeners who crossed the prairie gentian in the 1930s, from which the eustoma of today developed. This is where the German name “Japanrose” comes from, named after the country in which it was first sold. You can find more information and care instructions here.

“The lush gold of late summer” – so will Solidago also called. It is also a genus of plants from the sunflower family and grows in large colonies on gravel and on paths – if it is not in our vases! More information and care instructions can be found here.

Our vase recommendation for “Fairytale Garden”

For the short-stemmed combination “Fairytale Garden” we recommend a slightly taller vase with a narrower opening, which gives the bouquet a beautiful shape and gives it support.

We wish you a wonderful week with the flowers!

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