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Some are really excited, others think: What kind of weird hype is that? For a few years there has been a trend to put on make-up as a pretty skeleton for Halloween and to put a wreath of flowers on your head. But do you even know what this is all about? At least since the Disney film “Coco”, some flower lovers should be enlightened about the subject of “Día de los Muertos”. What women have been adopting as Halloween costume ideas for some time is not a new trend, but has been a tradition in Mexico for a long time. In addition to the DIY, how you can make the “Día de los Muertos” look yours, we will tell you something about the story of this day. So you not only have a great look, but can also inspire other party guests with your knowledge.

Flower hair wreath for Halloween Bloomy Blog - Flower hair wreath for Halloween -

For those who only understand Spanish now, here is an explanation of this day:

In other countries death is dealt with somewhat differently than here in Germany. The commemoration days in Germany, which amount to All Saints’ Day, All Souls Day and Dead Sunday, are no longer really on the radar, especially the young people. It’s different in Mexico. In addition to the conventional burial, there is the day of the dead (“Día de los Muertos”). On this day, the beloved deceased are celebrated by the living dressing up colorfully and decorating the graves with flowers. On this day, every family puts the pictures of their loved ones on a kind of altar, which they decorate like the graves in a flowery and colorful way.

Now many are certainly wondering: What do flowers have to do with the day of the dead? Flowers play an important symbolic role in the tradition. They are the colorful bridge between the living and the dead, symbolizing the fragility of life and reminding us that it is important to enjoy and celebrate life. The “Día de los Muertos” is not only a great inspiration for Halloween disguises, but also makes you think. You can find more information about the “Día de los Muertos” tradition on the website of Flower office Holland!

¡Arriba! After the theory comes the fun! We’ll show you how you can totally rock the “Dia de los Muertos” look so that you will attract everyone’s attention at the next costume party.

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For the floral hair wreath you need the following utensils:

  • a hot glue gun
  • a sharp knife
  • wire
  • a scissors
  • 1 2 headbands
  • flower (we have our bouquet “You’re awesome” utilized)

We used two headbands for a little more width. You have to tie these together with the wire first. While the hot glue gun is warming up, you can use scissors and a sharp knife to cut the flowers down to the flower head. Then you glue the flowers to the desired place. With the lilies, we would recommend that you stick the flowers on the side. Important: Press the flower for 5 Firmly on the headband for 10 seconds. So the construction also lasts a whole party evening.

1633027861 601 Flower hair wreath for Halloween Bloomy Blog - Flower hair wreath for Halloween -

What is still missing for the perfect look is the right make-up. Of course you can live it out as you want. We’ll give you a little inspiration on how the look could look in the end.

A little tip from us: put on the selected outfit before applying your make-up!

¡Terminado! Your “Día de los Muertos” look is ready. Let the party come. We wish you a lot of fun copying!

Feel free to send us pictures of your finished looks via our social media channels Instagram or Facebook. We are curious to see how you implement the look according to your taste!

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