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Created January 28th, 2021

A baby’s world changes every day as it gradually discovers new things. These experiences are usually recorded in a photo album, which shows itself many years later with the most beautiful motifs. It is possible to design the baby album individually. But it is also possible to make a grandchildren album from a baby album. This then represents a special gift for grandma and grandpa.

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Welcome, little star …

There is probably no better time than the first three years in a baby’s life. Therefore it is only too understandable to capture as much of the “little star” as possible in pictures. By the way, stars are always popular when designing the photo pages. They are not only decorative but also serve as a lucky charm.

After the baby has seen the light of day and has been warmly welcomed by everyone, the adventure into an exciting life will soon begin.

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Ideas for designing the individual pages

A photo album is of course primarily effective through photos. Your pages become more interesting if you combine them with small accessories. On this page, the word Welcome was cut out of construction paper. To do this, you write the word in a text program on the PC, choose a font and bring it to the appropriate size.

After printing, place the word on the construction paper and secure it against slipping with staples or similar.First, cut out the inner surfaces with a cutter. Then use small paper scissors to cut along the outer contours.

You can write the data with a lacquer marker. Other accessories such as hearts and stars are quick and easy with various Motif punching punched.

A white album page also lives from motif papers. There is a large selection and they can be combined perfectly with plain-colored papers.

Where can I find suitable photo albums and material to decorate?

at you can find tons of photo albums in different formats and bindings. Whether as a spiral album, slip-in album or an expandable screw-on album, bound as a book with or without a text header, whether in pink, blue or another color, the variety of templates for your baby album is great.

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