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In some areas of Germany it snowed for the first time this season – winter is approaching us faster and faster. In our BLOOMEN of the week for the floor vase, we therefore combine the green of summer and the white of winter in a wonderful bouquet! The winter classic Amaryllis meets delicate Inca lilies, Hypericum and green chrysanthemums of the Anastasia variety.

You can get these short-stemmed flowers from us until 11/14/2016. Order or change your subscription By Thursday, November 10th, 2016, choose November 14th, 2016 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

The absolute winter and especially Christmas classic among flowers is clearly that amaryllis. We can’t get enough of its large, elegant flowers, which always conjure up a festive atmosphere! Another special feature is its hollow stem, which can be used wonderfully with the help of a wooden stick to give the flower more stability. You can find more information and notes here.

Inca lilies are also among the favorites among cut flowers – their delicate, elegant flowers make it easy to like them! As their name suggests, the Alstroemerians (their botanical name) originally come from South America and found their way to us thanks to the Swedish botanist Clas Alstroemer, who brought them from his travels to Europe in the 18th century. You can find more information and care instructions here.

Hypericum In German-speaking countries it is mostly better known as St. John’s wort and was often used as a medicinal plant, especially in the past. We’d rather give our combination this week a special kick! You can find more information and care instructions here.

One of the typical autumn flowers is that chrysanthemumwhich, with its diverse range of colors, characterizes many bouquets this season. The flower, which comes from the sunflower family, has a particularly long flowering time and is the national flower of Japan, among other things because of its importance for long life. You can find more information and care instructions here.

Our vase recommendation for “Green Twist”

It is best to use a slightly narrower vase for the “Green Twist” combination so that the flowers come into their own.

We wish you a wonderful week with the flowers!

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