Helenium (Sun Bride)

Helenium is often also called the sun bride and looks very nice in summer bouquets thanks to its bright yellow color. You can find out more about this flower here.

Botanical name: Helenium

Genus: Sun bride

Plant family: Sunflower (bot.Asteraceae)

Occurrence: North, Central and South America

As the name suggests, the sun bride blooms in the middle of summer and spreads a good mood in the fields with its sun-yellow flowers. The sun bride originally comes from the American prairie, where it creates a real color spectacle during the flowering period. We like to plant the sun bride in the garden, but it is also ideal as a cut flower. The flowers of the Helenium are particularly popular due to their enormous luminosity, which brighten every bouquet and ensure freshness in the room.

The flower of the sun bride has a spherical flower center, which is surrounded by a bright yellow wreath and thus it resembles a small sun. For this reason, Carl von Linné gave the flower the name Helenium, which comes from the Greek sun god “Helios”. About 40 species belong to the genus of the sun bride and it was voted Perennial of the Year in 2008.

Care tips for Helenium

As a rule, Helenium is very easy to care for and only needs a fresh cut after delivery. To ensure that the flower stays fresh for a particularly long time, it is advisable to change the water every 2 days and to clean the vase thoroughly.

Helenium looks great in a vase, especially in the summer months you can bring the sun’s rays into your home with this flower. An example of a flower arrangement with Helenium can be found here.

Helenium Sun Bride Bloomy Blog - Helenium (Sun Bride)

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