Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea) | Flower dictionary and more

Botanical name: Hydrangea

Genus: Hydrangea

Plant family: Hydrangea family (bot. Hydrangeaceae)

Occurrence: East asia

Hydrangeas exude a romantic flair like no other flower. Whether in the garden or in a bouquet, hydrangeas simply attract everyone’s attention with their lush flowers. Botanically it forms its own family, the hydrangea family (bot. Hydrangeaceae).
Hydrangeas are known as subshrubs, shrubs or small trees, but there are also climbing hydrangeas (climbing hydrangeas). Worldwide there are around 70 hydrangea species, whose original range is in the temperate regions of South and East Asia, as well as North and South America. The natural distribution area in the warmer climates is limited to higher altitudes.
Their extraordinary inflorescence is typical of them. The flower umbels usually consist of inconspicuous small fertile flowers in the center and sterile pseudo-flowers with large, colored or white sepals that stand on the edge of the inflorescence. Some of the cultivated forms of the garden hydrangea have almost exclusively enlarged, sterile pseudo-flowers. We can usually enjoy their bloom from June to August. The typical flower colors vary between white, pink and blue, as well as their intermediate tones light blue, pink and magenta.
With their imposing flowers, hydrangeas stand for admiration, especially for the beauty of women. Hydrangeas are also very popular wedding flowers. With the hydrangea, the bride expresses the feeling of unshakable trust. She wants to tell the whole world that her deepest feelings belong to the recipient. This is a wonderful reason to include the hydrangea in the bridal bouquet or table decoration.

Caring for hydrangeas

Hydrangeas should have a long, sloping gate. Then place the stems in hot water for about 10 seconds until no more bubbles appear. Then arrange the hydrangeas in the vase with cold water.

Hydrangea bot Hydrangea Flower dictionary and more - Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea) |  Flower dictionary and more

1636330369 298 Hydrangea bot Hydrangea Flower dictionary and more - Hydrangea (bot. Hydrangea) |  Flower dictionary and more

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