Ilex (holly) –

The holly brings autumn flair into the flower vase. Find out more information about the twigs with the little red pods here.

Botanical name: ilex

Genus: Holly

Plant family: Holly family (bot. Aquifoliaceae)

Occurrence: worldwide

The holly are deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs that reach heights of 2 to 25 meters. The mostly alternate, seldom oppositely arranged leaves on the branches are mostly petiolate. Some species and varieties are used as ornamental plants in parks and gardens. The red fruit branches are a popular Christmas decoration in the UK, France, Central Europe and North America. The ilex branches can be wonderfully combined with other flowers such as amaryllis, but they are also a real eye-catcher on their own.
The beauty of the ilex should be enjoyed with caution, as the leaves, as well as the berry fruits, are poisonous. Under no circumstances should it be eaten or come near children or animals.

Care tips for holly

Those of the holly are very easy to care for. When you arrive, cut the branches fresh and put them in fresh cold water.

Ilex holly Bloomy Blog - Ilex (holly) -

Ilex holly Bloomy Blog - Ilex (holly) -

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