Indian lilies (Alstros) –

The South American Inca lilies (Alstromeria) are an eye-catcher in every flower vase! Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Alstroemeria

Genus: Inca lilies

Plant family: Alstroemeriaceae (bot. Alstroemeriaceae)

Occurrence: temperate to tropical climates

As the name suggests, the Inca lily (bot. Alstroemeria) comes from South America. It is primarily native to the subtropical, tropical and temperate climates. It is named after the Swedish botanist Clas Alstroemer, who discovered the Inca lily on his travels in the 18th century and brought it back to Europe.

Inca lilies belong to the family of the Inca lily plants (bot. Alstroemeriaceae). From around 40 to 60 species, hundreds of varieties have emerged to this day, which let the Inca lily shine in the most varied of facets. In 2010 it was even named the most beautiful flower of the year, so of course we don’t want to withhold it from you.

Meaning of Inca lily

Due to the filigree pattern of the flowers and the lush green of its leaves, it is often referred to as a spring and summer flower. It brings a magical lightness and warmth into the house. Incidentally, in symbolism, the Inca lily stands for devotion – so give yourself, just like us, a brief moment to your thoughts and dream of warmer times.

Care tips for Indian lilies

Cut the inca lilies at a slight angle and place them in cold water. With each water change, the stems should be shortened again by 1-2 cm. You should clip off individual flowers that have faded so that the flower can concentrate its power on the other flowers.

Indian lilies Alstros Bloomy Blog - Indian lilies (Alstros) -

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