Indian Spirit


The combination of INDIAN SPIRIT with a colorful bunch of chrysanthemums, unusual pin cushions and intensely shimmering safflowers creates a veritable firework of colors and shapes.

You can get the short-stemmed flowers from us until 04/10/2016. Order or change your subscription By Thursday, September 29th, 2016, choose October 1st, 2016 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

Chrysanthemums are from the sunflower family and are originally from East Asia. Especially in ancient China, they were the symbol of autumn and a long life. They are also the emperor symbol of Japan and their sprouts are an indispensable part of the Japanese dish Sukiyaki. Chrysanthemums have been around in Europe since the 19th century and are now one of the most popular autumn flowers. In order to enjoy the flowers for a long time, it is best to cut them straight and give them plenty of fresh water. If the leaves hang a little after a few days, simply detach them completely from the stem. More information and care instructions for chrysanthemums can be found here.

Safflower also belong to the sunflower family and are widespread in both Egypt and Central Europe. They are mainly cultivated as useful plants and used for oil production or as medicinal plants. Due to their beautiful color and unusual shape, safflowers are also very popular as ornamental plants and cut flowers and add a great splash of color to every bouquet. The best care for the flowers is a diagonal cut after arrival and plenty of fresh water. You can find more information and care instructions here.

the Pin cushion stand out mainly because of their unusual appearance. They are mainly found in the southern hemisphere, e.g. in Africa, South America and South India. The flowers from the silver tree family are very easy to care for and also extremely durable. When you arrive, simply cut yourself fresh and put them in plenty of fresh water with the other flowers. You can find more information and care instructions here.

Our vase recommendation for “Indian Spirit”

For the “Indian Spirit” bouquet, we recommend a vase with a relatively wide opening in which you can easily arrange the bouquet.

We wish you a wonderful week with the flowers!

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